What Do You Yearn For?

The day you become a successful doctor and are in the middle of a very crucial surgery, you think about how much you’ve struggled for this position and worked day and night to be what you are now. While performing the surgery, what if your hands start to shake and the heart hammers in your chest? Then, maybe, a thought comes across your mind of how your adrenaline rush made you skydive in your college days, and the thought of paragliding always set your nerves on fire. Or maybe you’re a renowned professor and in the middle of a lecture in front of a huge crowd, a memory flashes in front of your eyes where you were performing your favourite classic song in front of a similar audience. Perhaps you’re a great civil engineer and realise your building sketches look too bland without watercolour paint in them. Or being a famous businessperson, you think of the days when the only thing you kept up with was the best songs to which you danced effortlessly.

Will you attend to these memories? Will you surround yourself with nostalgia and let yourself sway in the moment? Maybe you will, probably you will not. It could be because you don’t have time, or because you’re afraid that your passion might distract you. Sadly enough, we’ve always made sacrifices at some point of our lives just because the thought of failure in career sends chills down our spine. We fear losing our focus so we put our passions on gunpoint and fire point blank with our eyes closed tight. But that kills us instead. We spend hours and hours trying to get the nagging thought of picking the paintbrush, guitar, pen or racket out of our minds and focus on realistic goals. Little do we realise that we’re slowly losing ourselves in trying to become someone we used to despise when younger. We’re terrible at making choices, yet choose to live with regrets. We throw away our identity with passions and become a walking figure of information and nothing more.

Will it not hurt you? Won’t you feel immense pain looking at that abandoned hobby locked up in the basement? Would you even go to check up on it? You ought to. Although we are functioning materialistic beings, deep inside we are little children who want something and won’t stop crying until they get it. We can’t let the norms of society define us, because everybody wants to join you in your happiness but nobody bats an eye in your time of need.

So if you’re in that operation theatre performing a surgery, don’t let the thrill of free-falling just visit and leave. Finish the surgery, pack your bags and explore all the crazy games you’ve ever wanted to play. Finish your lecture, get off the stage and go to the nearest bar to tell people how beautifully you can sing. Complete your design, pick your paintbrush and fill the canvas with colours nobody’s ever seen. Shut the stocks tab, open your music gallery and match your steps to rhythm of the music. You can always continue with your life, but you can’t put a full stop to what you yearn for.

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