To Be What You’re Not

‘Half empty, half full’. Are we not sick of listening to the same example over and over again? This dilapidated saying has lost the essence of positivity; it doesn’t make us feel any better. We spend hours and hours on thinking about whom and what to blame during our times of trouble, but never once consider the idea of positive thinking.

It has become a joke, hasn’t it? – The thought of optimism. We have caused pessimism to breed so much inside us that the signs of all optimism have become endangered. What do we need to get out of this quicksand? As humans who need innovative ideas to keep ourselves entertained, we require a new perspective. We need to look at things differently. And this can only be achieved when we become empathetic to situations. Not just viewing something from a different angle, but we have to become what we’re not to broaden our perspective, thereby deepening our insights and widening the outlook.

Our curiosity has led us to explore different sides of ourselves. Wouldn’t it be fun if we add a newer self to our personality every time we come across something challenging? How about we adapt to the situation and imagine ourselves as someone or something else so that we can understand better. Life would be so much easier if people actually start to look at everything from different point of views, to get a complete 360° observation of the situation. Our problems would be cut in half if we start to empathise with everyone we come across and share the pain and joy. It would bridge the gap between humans and humanity; if we become someone else, maybe just for a moment, and enjoy the essence of it.

The concept of perception mustn’t be confused with having multiple faces. There’s a fine line between learning to be someone else and pretending to be someone else, and that line is drawn by empathy. Optimism might have become a little outdated for our taste, but in the end it is only personal contentment that matters. Empathy helps us to adjust to what we have and aids us in considering all the possibilities. It teaches us patience and appreciation. Once we have these qualities instilled in our minds, optimism will make its way through automatically.

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