Our Definition of Growing Up

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, there was a………story? I don’t think so. We’ve grown up; we don’t have time for fairy tales. We only believe in what’s real and visible, well Physics and Chemistry are exceptions. We like to complicate things because we’re ‘grown ups’. So, let’s take a non-fairytalic (Is that a word? Now it is!) example.

Sam is a little boy of 6 and lives in his own world of fantasies. As the sun rises and peeps through the window, Sam jumps off his bed and gets ready to accomplish all the missions he has set for today:

  1. Break a vase
  2. Spy on Mr. Mouse who lives in the kitchen
  3. Drop breakfast on the carpet (and make it look like an accident)
  4. Apologise to Mom for all the above

And he sets out on a conquest to make things happen. Even a little work from him is just an expectation; when he is asked to put his toys back in place, he vanishes. Once the sound of shattering is heard, you see that the vase is lying on the floor in pieces beside the overturned bowl of cereal and milk. Sam is nowhere to be seen. After half an hour of frantic searching, he is found hiding in the kitchen cabinet with his mischievous eyes trying to appear innocent. He complains “You drove Mr. Mouse away!”

When he’s convinced to change his clothes and have breakfast again, he would stand beside his mother gazing at the way she works and ask a multitude of curious questions. “I have to watch my favet (favourite) cartoon show” – is the reply he gives when he’s asked to do homework. Finally when the sun goes down and he has achieved all his goals, Sam quietly steps into his mom’s room and snuggles beside her on the bed. “I’m shcaled (scared) of the wardrobe monshtel (monster)” he whispers. After a while, he says “I’m sholly (sorry) Mom”. When he finishes planning for the next day, he dozes off to sleep, satisfied.

He is one troublesome, but innocent kid. And, us? Well, we too have aims and goals, we dream to achieve things and make a difference. It’s just that our approach is more organized and sensible. Comparing our lives with kids, we have more responsibilities and struggles to face. As for them, everything is a matter of fact and time. They don’t carry the burden of tomorrow, but enjoy the bliss of today. Kids don’t hold on to grudges against people, like we do.

They accept challenges in high spirits and don’t feel disheartened after facing failure; they make the same tower with buildings again and again until they achieve perfection.

Although maturity comes with age, there are many things we lose as we grow up – a few bad and numerous good. We accept these changes with time because we consider them steps to being acceptable. Over thinking, gossiping, grudging and worrying are few of our favourite pastimes. One might not understand my motive behind writing this, but those who miss the innocence and purity in their older self will surely do. Because at the end of the day, no matter what Sam does, he will definitely apologise to his Mom!

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