Ideally Romantic Ways to Ask Someone Out

After you finally muster up courage to ask someone out, another hurdle that comes in your way is ‘How to do it?’ Just casually asking out is not enough these days. You have to consider some surefire ways to get them to say yes! Don’t lose your confidence or give into fear of rejection; use these tips to get their attention, impress them and to make them agree to go out with you! Before you decide on a way to ask them out, find out their interests, likes and dislikes.

#1 Bond over coffee

Take them out for a cup of coffee and try to build rapport before asking out. Many relationships grow around coffee drinking because people tend to have good conversations over coffee.

#2 First a non-date date and then a real date…

Invite them to hang out with you and make this casual non-date date a really fun one. Find the right moment to ask them out on a real date.

#3 Good old-fashioned note

Write down a beautiful message and leave the note someplace where they are sure to see. You can write down a poem or a romantic quote too. Leaving a small gift or some flowers along with it is also a good idea.

#4 Try something out of a movie

Get inspiration from big-screen proposals. Pick any popular romantic movie and re-enact the ‘asking out’ scene from it.

#5 Irresistible pizza treat

A cheesy pizza proposal is the way to go if your crush is a pizza-lover. Order pizza and write a cute message on the lid asking for a date.

#6 Ask via social media

You better be really creative and non-creepy with this one or it might become a disaster. Make a Snapchat story or invite to an event on Facebook. Use adorable emojis or stickers to ask them out!

#7 Use music to pull at their heart strings

If you can sing well or play an instrument, then do it to ask them out in an impressive way. Pick their favourite song or one that is apt for the moment.

#8 Movie date

Get tickets to the movie they really want to see and invite them to watch it with you. Play your cards right and create good chemistry between you.

#9 Spark romance with food!

Gift something chocolatey or a box of donuts along with a sweet message. You can even give them a big cookie with an adorable proposal on it. Casually invite them to eat out and ask out during the conversation.

Featured Image: Pexels

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