Dress To Impress – Why It’s Important To Dress Well

Imagine walking out of your office in slow motion, while the scene rises from your shiny shoes to the prim and properly fitted classy outfit to the eye-catching watch clung to your wrist. You move down the aisle while everybody turns their heads to take a second glance at the elegance in your aura. Quite fancy, isn’t it?

Now imagine the same scenario in your blue and white striped pyjamas and that faded shirt which is too comfortable but ugly to be worn in public. Not so fancy, eh?

Life is all about getting caught up in dilemmas, making decisions and owning up to them in an attractive costume. The way people dress reflects a lot about their personality because it’s a form of expression. To be able to dress up according to a situation is a quality everyone can exhibit, only if they try hard enough. Your attire screams your mood and interest, and how much effort you’re going to put into a particular task – be it attending classes, seeing the boss, being the boss, working in the kitchen or simply gardening. The creased shirt may show how disorganized you are in the morning, the unattended mop of hair displays the amount of disinterest you hold against that particular activity, the insensitive pairing of tops and bottoms declares your poor sense of judgement, and the list goes on.

Selecting an outfit for the day is the first most debatable and conflicting job; to pair it up with accessories is anothe. From the varied assortment of colours, design, print, while also keeping the dress code in mind, selecting the most acceptable and expressive apparel for the day can get very confusing. We anyhow gather whatever grabs our attention first and pass our time in it. Sometimes we think so much over it, that we end up looking like one of those models who walk the runway wearing clothes (if that is what they are) that no one would ever wear for daily purposes.

To promote the appropriate etiquette of dressing up doesn’t run with the motive of losing one’s sense of originality. Everybody comes with a uniqueness that nobody can either define or question. It’s all about how well you manage to stand out in the crowd with that amazing sense of style. And when talking about making a good long lasting impression, it isn’t just the appearance that matters, your character and demeanour also greatly describe what kind of person you are. Along with the awesome dress sense, you also need to flaunt that incredible personality which will portray you as an approachable person.

So garb yourself in the most flattering get-up, wear that stunning attitude, flash a grin and walk the world like it’s a ramp!

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