Creative Ways to Apologize – Ideas and Tips to Say Sorry

Often, we hurt or say terrible things to the people we love and then regret it. And, not all of us are bright enough to find remarkable ways to mend the broken bonds. But, here’s a little help – a list of some ingenious ways in which you can apologize and show your loved ones how sorry you feel for hurting them.

#1 A small hand-written sorry note will do the job. Write down why and how much you are sorry on a small piece of paper and hand it to them with a cute apologetic look that one cannot say ‘No’ to!

#2 Sticky notes are a great savior, too. You can write down a simple sorry and stick it on a spot that really stands out for them to see first thing in the morning.

#3 Buy them their favorite chocolate and add a sweet message telling that they are sweet enough to forgive you.

#4 You can bake them a cake of their favorite flavor and type. Who’d say no to cake?

#5 Write a poem. It doesn’t matter if you are bad at it. That actually might highlight the effort you put in.

#6 Record a voice note. It can be a song or actually you telling sorry in the sweetest tone possible!

#7 Get them something they have wanted for a while but couldn’t. They may forgive you while immersed in the happiness it brings.

#8 Book them a surprise movie ticket. Movies do lighten the mood!

#9 Take them out for dinner, some place they just can’t resist from forgiving you!

#10 Write a long message on a piece of paper telling how sorry you are, roll it up and place it in a large bottle. Present it to them along with an antique gift.

#11 Hold up a chalkboard with a question on it that they can answer to, like “Can we start over?”

#12 Use candles. Create an ambient atmosphere. That really does put them in a refreshingly forgiving mood.

#13 Social media can be helpful too. Post on their timeline how sorry you are, making use of suitable stickers or gifs.

#14 Make an “I’m Sorry” book. Dedicate each page to express how much you love them and apologize creatively on every page of the book.

#15 Gift them a bag of nuts with a note saying “I know I drove you nuts. I am sorry”.

#16 Order customized cupcakes for them. Of course, their favorite flavor.

#17 Get an “I am sorry” T-shirt and wear it around them until they forgive you.

#18 Secretly put notes here and there saying how sorry you are and tell them you won’t stop unless they forgive you.  

#19 Flash mobs are a sure thing. Arrange for a dance out of the blue and tell them how sorry you are.

#20 Prepare an intriguing puzzle that unravels to a sweet apology when solved and leave it on their bed for them to solve.

#21 Put a sorry message inside the matchbox, so that when they open it, it lights up their heart with love.

#22 Wrap a gift with a white paper written “Sorry” all over it.

#23 Make a snow cone or grab a slushy and give your treat with this note, “I’m sorry, let’s break the ICE!”

#24 Pick up their favorite box of cereal and add this note on the front of the box, “I’m CEREALOUSLY sorry!”

#25 Grab a roll of toilet paper and write this note on it, “Sorry I made your day CRAPPY!” You can also make this roll extra special by unrolling the roll and writing little notes on it.

#26 Prepare a note saying “Let’s CLEAR THE AIR, I’m sorry I let you down,” and attach it to a sweet-scented candle, or perfume.

#27 Hand to them, a bunch of balloons with “I’m Sorry” slogans!

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