5 Steps To Becoming a Bookworm

Are you a bookworm? The kind that is always in the middle of some plotline, wishing to just take your book out and end the suspense of ‘what-happens-next’ already! Do you love to have a book around for any instance that you are alone or would really like to avoid that awkward conversation with the person sitting next to you? Or do you yell at the movie for ripping off a completely great scene from a book? (I personally love to do that!) Because then you are the awesome kind of nerd!

But for those of you who cannot get through that copy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice or Shakespeare’s Hamlet, or anything else, here are a few tips to make your reading fun.

#1 Visualize

If you are reading fiction, especially the classics, there have got to be like a ton of characters to remember, which you’ll probably forget after their introduction. So how to keep in mind who is who? It’s quite simple. Just give the character a face. If you think the character resembles a friend or a starlet, or perhaps someone’s name is similar, just assume it’s them. It would actually create a hell of a lot more interest in the book.

#2 Have a pocket/mobile dictionary

Nowadays, after the marvelous invention of smart phones, we can have any facility in our pocket – banks, recharges, and even our thick heavy volume of the dictionary. There are plenty of apps out there like Thesaurus, which even provide synonyms. We know it’s irritating to not know a word’s meaning in the context of a sentence. So it’s always a good idea to keep a dictionary handy for the sake of your interest and your vocabulary.

#3 Try listening

Audio books are now available in the market, with great voices and enactments. Though they are not equivalent to books, they are a good substitute for people who lack time. Try listening to one while driving your car, or just play it when you go to sleep.

#4 Munch on it

Though some dismiss it as a bad habit, I myself prefer to have a bag of munchies or popcorn around while I read. After all, we do that while at the movies, and no one dozes off at a theatre. It keeps you awake, if the book gets a bit boring and acts as a catalyst in maintaining your concentration.

#5 Never Multitask

If you are reading a book, then just do that. NO listening to songs, or drawing, or watching movies and especially no texting. That’s because, if you are not an avid reader, you will soon lose interest in the book and centre your attention solely on the other task. There can be no better way to kill your flow. So just read.

Reading is fun if you just try to let yourself go with the flow of the narration. When a person writes, he or she is putting their thoughts into words. If you try hard enough, you can almost see their thought process. And that is amazing. To be in one mind with the author, to actually feel the words they have written, it’s awesome. Try these five steps and see the results, if you haven’t yet. I hope you join us bookworms soon!

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