What we learned from Harry Potter series!

We 90’s kids have had the experience of growing up with Harry Potter. At some point of time, I’m sure, we all have wished for an owl to swoop into our home with our Hogwarts acceptance letter, and the amazing journey that would then begin (My birthday wishes were the same till I was 16!). But then it turned out there was a difference between fact and fiction, and even though Rowling had created an entire new realm for us to dream of, which was so cool that it spawned an entire fandom of potter-maniacs, it was nevertheless a fairy-tale. 

But there are some things that are so true and memorable about Harry Potter series that, try as one might, you can’t help but agree more. Here is a list of things we learnt from this awesome series.

#1 True love is unconditional.

Snape’s unrequited love for Lily Evans was so powerful that, even after her death, it acts as a driving force in his life. #Always.

#2 Friendship is forever.

Our favourite trio of wizards faced every situation together. Be it love or war or mischief. They showed us the essence of true friendship.

#3 Be compassionate.

Remember Bellatrix? Her end by the hands of Molly Weasely was actually legendary.

#4 Everyone has their own value.

Example: Kreacher. Because even though he was nothing like Dobby, he was still useful to Harry’s mission.

#5 Past is long gone.

So just let it rest in peace.

#6 Future is always foggy.

No need to remind you all of the numerous death predictions made by Sybill Trelawney. None came true.

#7 It’s always your choice.

Between what is right and what is easy.

#8 Morality is necessary.

Harry always took a high ground. Even saving Draco from that cursed fire. And it paid off in the end.

#9 Don’t be mean to your help.

Wizards will pay for their inferior treatment of other magical beings.

#10 Your perception gives everything meaning.

Harry could have cursed, or cribbed about all the things that happened to him. But he faced them all, with an optimism.

#11 Optimism is the heart’s best remedy.

There are numerous instances of optimism throughout the story.

#12 Wits are mightier than brawn.

Just imagine Harry Potter without Hermione. And there you have it.

#13 Bravery lies in even the smallest of gestures.

Even though Aberforth had a pessimistic approach, his actions, even though small, were major.

#14 Don’t break someone’s trust.

Or you might come to a sticky end by your own hand. Right Wormtail?

#15 Never judge by appearance.

Lupin was a werewolf. Hagrid was a half giant. Grawp was a giant. Snape was a death eater. Need we say more?

#16 Everyone deserves a second chance.

Like Snape. Because no one can beat what he did for Harry’s protection.  Also his sub plot is my favourite in the whole series. Again Always!

#17 Freedom is priceless.

Dobby is a free elf. He actually acted as the role model for all the oppressed in the series. And he is our favourite elf.

There are many more on the list, but we can’t list them all. If you haven’t read the series yet, then you must. Because books are always better than the movie. And nothing can surpass the exemplary details that J.K.Rowling put in her series. Start your journey. Hogwarts awaits you.

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