Ways to get over heartbreak

Heartbreaks aren’t just about eating tubs of ice cream, sitting in your pajamas all day or getting drunk in the bar with someone else. These are just the things on the surface. There is much more than that, and the worst part is it takes a lot of time to heal and the efforts seem limitless. Of course, it is no easy task but here are a few tips that might be helpful in getting over heartbreak.

1 | Look at your relationship from a third person’s point of view, which will tell you if it’s worth brooding over.

2 | If you feel the pain, believe that it aches so much because it was genuine and it mattered. A positive outlook always helps.

3 | Let go of the mementos. They keep reminding you of the person and the memories that you are so badly trying to forget.

4 | Keep yourself distracted by engaging in productive errands. Learn a new skill or try something interesting.

5 | Avoid rebound dating, that does no good to the either of you. Instead spend time with your family or close friends.

6 | Sit down and distinguish the good from the bad in your relationship, learn your lessons and move on.

7 | Get rid of your ex from all sorts of things that connect you, including cell phone and social media.

8 | Cry when you feel like it. Get it all out, you’ll feel lighter and better.

9 | Write it all down. And you better keep the write-ups to yourself!

10 | Seek advice and help. Talk to your family or friends or a professional.

11 | Take some time to think and come to terms with it. Pull your shit together and start afresh!

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