Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles

Not every person gets the privilege to spend Valentine’s Day with a romantic partner. But that doesn’t mean they cannot celebrate it. Celebrating love could be with anyone, anywhere and in any way. If you are single, here are some really cool ways to spend V-day without the slightest sign of loneliness or regret.

#1 Spend Valentine’s day with people you love the most – your parents, grandparents, friends and so on. Let’s not make it all about couples.

#2 Go shopping. Spoil yourself. Buy things you have always wanted to. Date yourself!

#3 Learn something new. Find what interests you and take a class with your friends or family members. It could be anything like dancing, cooking, painting, or acting!

#4 Do not just sit and ponder over how solitary your life is. Go out there and do a good deed for someone. Babysit for a couple, gift someone, send flowers to people you know etc. Let them know how cool and generous you are!

#5 Throw a party. Why? Celebrate your most peaceful time and enjoy being single with the people you are fond of. Order food, dance to good music and have some time off.

#6 Engage in a movie or a TV series marathon. Get that popcorn and coke and indulge yourself in the virtual world.

#7 Book a holiday. Convince some of your friends or your siblings and embark on something new and adventurous. It could be a skiing trip or a beach.

#8 Hit the gym. Instead of piling up the pounds, why not shed a few? While everybody must be busy stuffing their mouth with food and deserts, you could work on that beautiful body of yours.

#9 Help out someone; perform a random act of kindness. Spread the love. This way you can have a worthwhile V-day!

#10 Plan a picnic or a hang-out. It could be your favorite spot or a place that you have always wanted to visit. Relax and enjoy some quietude.

#11 Head to a bar, a karaoke joint, a coffeehouse, a restaurant or a bowling lane. Have some fun time to yourself.

#12 Ask a friend of opposite sex out for a platonic date. Make it a nice and sweet experience. Come up with some interesting things to do.

#13 Write a love letter to yourself. Write good things about yourself and note down why you love yourself so much!

#14 Get some chocolate or make some hot cocoa. Grab a book and plug your ears with the earphones. Drift into absolute bliss with this combination.

Now, guys, you are not alone. You do NOT need to spend V-day sulking about your love life because there are so many other ways to cherish love. Make the best out of this day!

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