Tips To Find Time For Everything You Want To Do

Do you ever feel like you are always running out of time? Then you should consider these tips in order to make the best out of the time you really have. You may have a notion that it’s impossible to make time for everything you want to do, but by learning to manage your time, you can definitely find time for everything!

#1 Stop working overtime.

Don’t overburden yourself with work. You are wrong if you think that working after regular hours will increase productivity. The quality of your work will reduce and it will drain you out of energy and time which you can use to do things of your own choice.

#2 Perfectionism is overrated.

Perfectionists are way too obsessed with getting every detail correct. Devoting time to irrelevant details is a sheer waste of time. You shouldn’t pay attention to minor details that don’t matter. This time could instead be used in doing something of one’s own interest and skill.

#3 Learn saying “No”.

It’s good to be kind, generous and helpful but saying “Yes” more often will eat away all your time. Saying “No” from time to time will help you have some time for yourself. So, learn to deny when required.

#4 Make use of your mornings.

Begin your day with a bright smile and some yoga. And then have some tea. Eat your breakfast and make a list of the things you want to do. This is the best way to kick-start your day. You will find that you can complete your work in a very short time by organizing it before starting. Now you can do all of the scheduled tasks at your own pace and more.

#5 Get rid of distractions and don’t procrastinate.

Distraction doesn’t just include the internet but a lot of other things like phone calls, text messages, unfinished jobs, pile of clothes on the bed or a nasty kitchen to clean. Procrastination will pile up more work and distract you from the work at hand. Get rid of pending jobs as soon as possible. Log out from the social networking sites when you are not using them. Keep track of time and you will find more time this way.

#6 Ask for help.

Asking someone to help you with your task or sharing the work load helps in finishing it quickly and you’ll have plenty of time on your hands to do other things. This also makes your work more productive as you get to interact with other people, socialize and learn more.

#7 Prioritize what’s important!

Don’t schedule a task because you “should” do it. Prioritize the tasks that you “have to” and “want to” do. Make a proper list and find out what has to be done by the end of the day and which task can wait. This will help you de-clutter your schedule and complete the important tasks efficiently.

#8 Strike off the time-wasters off the list.

Watching random stuff on TV, aimlessly surfing internet and mindlessly laying around worrying about stuff are a waste of lots of time. This time could be used in doing healthier tasks that you actually cannot find time for. Make a list of things you do and want to do. And strike off the unimportant ones.

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