Things to learn from the elderly people

We are always talking about how the generation gap creates a rift between the young and the old generations but we overlook the fact that only from the experiences and knowledge of the older generation that the young ones learn and come up with the present ways. Elders provide us really important lessons which we often fail to realize. The older lot are far more experienced and wise. They have very deep insight into life and values that one should incorporate in their life. Let’s see what all we can learn from them.

#1 One very important thing we learn from the elderly is – how to deal with the loss of a loved one.

#2 As they say, their hair did not turn grey for nothing. They can imbibe in us, the knowledge and wisdom that they have gathered over the years.

#3 They have had a long life and regret not doing so many things; and they enlighten us that we should do things and feel stupid rather than regret not doing them.

#4 They show us the importance of family values and traditions that prevail over the present-day relations.

#5 They instruct us about what we should and should not prioritize in life.

#6 They might have come across quite a lot of people in their lifetime and carry good knowledge of how to deal with people. They can educate us about that.

#7 They teach us that acceptance is the key to happiness. Not everything is a smooth and swift ride.

#8 We can know how people and their lifestyle were, many years ago, back in their times. It helps us to understand how progress happened and the present came to be.

#9 They give us really good recipes of dishes that somehow taste better when they make them! Recipes handed down by the older generations are immeasurable treasures.

#10 No one can give better career-related advice than the ones whose career lengths in years are at least twice or thrice our age.

#11 Elders impart us the best understanding of spirituality and related issues.

#12 They teach us how important it is to take care of our physical health. They seem to know a lot about health related things that sometimes even doctors don’t!

#13 They guide us regarding money management. They teach us techniques and ways to maintain financial stability.

#14 Marriage is one of those areas where only experiences can help and who else is more experienced than the older folk?

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