Things Not To Do Right After You Wake Up

Everybody wishes to get a good start in the morning. But, more often than not, it’s not easy to achieve that. That is because they end up doing things that diminish their energy and lead to a lousy mood. Here is a list of few things which you shouldn’t do right after waking up. Take note and save energy. Have great mornings!

#1 Coffee is great for a good head start but not right after you wake up because that might reduce the production of cortisol thus leaving you with less energy.

#2 Snoozing your alarm continuously might disturb the sleep cycle and make you feel groggy.

#3 Staring at the computer or phone screen right after you open your eyes from sleep might not be a great idea.

#4 Waking up in the dark can confuse your brain and disturb your internal clock. It’s best to wake up in a room well lit by morning sun rays.

#5 Never wait for your mind to kick you out of the bed even after you are wide awake. Muster some energy to get off and make your bed to have a productive day.

#6 A hot shower right after waking up will make your body think that it’s time to relax and laze around.

#7 Eating carb-rich foods as soon as you wake up will not boost your energy instead you will become lethargic.

#8 Brushing your teeth after eating in the morning is not a wise decision.

#9 Don’t listen to loud music anytime soon after you wake up. It puts stress on the brain.

#10 Keep the negative thoughts at bay. Wake up to a fresh series of positive thoughts.

#11 Don’t drink or eat anything that’s too hot or cold. Your body is not yet ready for extremes.

#12 Keep your mind peaceful and sane while waking up. Don’t let anger and irritation overpower you.

These morning mistakes can make your day unpleasant. Avoid them to have a good start every morning.

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