Steps to Achieve a Long Lasting Relationship

There’s been lot of hotchpotch about falling in love, finding the right one or getting into relationships these days. But, what people take lightly is the fact that long lasting relationships are based on a foundation of trust, love and a lot of effort. Are you having trouble with that? Don’t worry, we bring forward some very basic ideas on how to make a relationship last long!

#1 Prioritize your relationship.

It doesn’t mean you have to leave all your work and transfer your focus on your partner. But, give them the time they deserve. And let that be some quality time. If they want to have a cup of coffee with you, take a small break from work if you can and spend some time drinking that coffee with them. Thirty minutes of a break won’t do much harm, but can do a lot of good.

#2 Know their likes and dislikes.

Learning about what your partner likes or dislikes, and knowing their interests and disinterests creates a sense of attachment. It makes them feel important and shows the fact that you value their choices. You can notice that people who have been in a long relationship usually can tell almost everything about each other. By knowing and accepting, you can make your relationship strong.

#3 Keep the communication strong.

This is about the little things we often miss out. It’s asking them to not wait for your text because you might be late for some reason. Or remembering small details they mention now and then. It is knowing about them and telling about yourself.  Communication is sharing how you feel. It is about letting them into your space. And while doing all this, you shouldn’t put yourself in a vulnerable position. That’s how relationship lasts long.

#4 Compromise and don’t let your ego get in the way.

The main reason people create rift in their relationship is that they cannot let go of their ego. It doesn’t mean that you can’t put your points on the table. But, let the heat calm down and then you can both discuss the matter.

#5 Trust them and be honest yourself.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. And, the lack of it can have psychotic consequences. We need to learn to trust, first of all. And if we are demanding the same honesty from them, we must ourselves be honest too.

#6 Share your dreams and life goals with them.

One way to tell them that they really matter to you is by sharing your ideas of future with them. If you actually see yourself with them in the future, tell them. If you want to climb a mountain or fly a plane, tell them. Let them know that you value them enough to share your dreams with them.

#7 Vent out anger and frustrations.

Vent them out before they heap up. Let them know if anything is bothering you immediately. Discuss things and don’t sideline it because it’s never too late for it to become the source of the end of a relationship.

#8 Be a team player.

The key to a long lasting relationship is teamwork. And, obviously, all kinds of decisions are to be taken as a team while considering the interests of both. If you keep taking decisions only with your views and interests in mind, which might hurt the feelings of the other person and cause trouble in the relationship.

Every single relationship, not just talking about the romantic ones, be it the relationship with your mother, father or child – every single one of them requires patience, perseverance and love. We are all constantly putting in efforts one way or the other. If you are giving your ‘everything’ and still wondering why the relationship is not working out, maybe you should re-evaluate what you are doing wrong.

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