Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From One-sided Relationships

If you are in a one-sided relationship, you might want to consider giving it up instead of continuing down a very painful path. You can end up suffering badly if you get blinded by mad love. Remember that it will not work out and will fall apart in the end, if the other person doesn’t feel as intensely as you do! Take a look at these reasons why you should stay away from one-sided relationships before wasting away more of your time and emotions…

#1 You cannot experience the feeling of “being loved”.

#2 You have to put up with humiliation and disrespect.

#3 Discussing the future is a far-fetched dream.

#4 You are by yourself in time of need and it’s heart breaking.

#5 You are always taken for granted.

#6 You are at the receiving end of the blame. And, of course it’s your fault.

#7 It’s better to walk away than slowly poison everything good in your life.

#8 You will be the only one wishing for a relationship.

#9 Literally, nothing is good enough.

#10 You have no idea where this is going and it’s all a big mess.

#11 You start relying on something else to take your mind off the stress which can even be life-threatening.

#12 Sometimes, it gets psychotic with all the insecurity and doubts.

#13 You have to be your own saviour. Always.

#14 You start losing faith in the love which never really existed in the first place.

#15 You have to make all the sacrifices which is really unfair and tiring.

#16 You get just one life and it’s useless to waste it on someone who doesn’t even acknowledge your love.

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