15 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Cook

Have you noticed how much the recipe videos have taken over our Facebook timelines? And we have to admit, we do spend quite a lot of time watching these sped up cooking tutorial videos. Have you ever tried any of those recipes? Actually, do you know how to cook in the first place? If you don’t, then you should definitely learn cooking ASAP! You don’t have to be able to prepare a full course meal; knowing some basics enough to whip up at least a decent meal to feed yourself is more than enough! Learning to cook will benefit you a lot and also make your life much better. Below are some reasons why you should learn to cook…

#1 You don’t have to depend on others to make your meals.

#2 Makes you feel independent and self sufficient.

#3 Helps a lot if you are living alone.

#4 It is healthier than eating out.

#5 You can make an exact portion that you can eat, hence no over eating.

#6 A special taste and satisfaction can be found in one’s own cooking.

#7 Less burden on your pockets. Cooking for yourself is cheaper than eating out.

#8 A skill to impress your partner.

#9 It’s a fun hobby.

#10 You can experience the happiness of creation.

#11 Improves the quality of your life.

 #12 You can connect with people through your cooking.

#13 The happiness of someone praising your cooking is awesome.

#14 It’s a fundamental surviving skill.

#15 If you find yourself really good at it then you can even make it your profession.

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