Reasons Why You Should Exercise Regularly

What better way to start the day other than exercising and drinking some green tea! Not only is doing exercise a very refreshing kick-start to your day but it also determines how well your day is going to be. So, this mood-enhancer and body-revitalizer is not something you want to miss out! Let’s see why we should move that lazy ass of ours and do exercise regularly.

#1 Your posture will improve, and so will your personality.

#2 Do you want a peaceful sleep? Then, exercise!

#3 Exercising everyday keeps sickness away.

#4 You will get a memory like the dolphins.

#5 Apart from just losing fat, it also helps keep bones strong and improves muscle mass.

#6 Depression stays away from you and anxiety level lowers.

#7 Respiratory and cardio activities improve.

#8 Intelligence becomes sharper due to better functioning of the brain.

#9 Familiar with those frequent mood swing sessions called PMS? Helps you get hold of that as well.

#10 People who exercise regularly not only live longer but also a healthy life.

#11 When you have a great persona, it boosts your self-confidence.

#12 It has a positive impact on your sex life.

#13 It also improves bowel movements and avoids constipation.

So, exercising should be as good as a part of your routine as brushing or bathing is. And even if you are not able to do it on a regular basis, make sure you exercise at least once in every three days. A fit and healthy body is the key to happiness.

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