Reasons Why a Woman Must Have Friends in Midlife

Ever seen Desperate Housewives? I have, a few times. It is all about a bunch of women in their 40s, hanging around, helping each other, making weird pacts or covering up their crimes. I won’t say that the last one is necessary, but that show has other things that are spot on. And that is what’s so important. So, do women really need to have friends in their midlife? Here are a few reasons why…

#1 Sharing is great!

Sharing your feelings or life stories can be a soothing experience. It’s not always about bitching, but there need to be people with whom you can talk about anything.

#2 Simply to hang out with.

You can’t always have your spouse, or your kids accompany you everywhere. So whenever you feel like watching that movie, or perhaps going to a sale, or just unwinding, you might want to have a few girlfriends around to have fun.

#3 Have a life apart from your household.

Friends give you a great way out. You might be happy with your family life, but there are always instances where you will want to be with different people, to curb the monotony.

#4 Every women needs a support system.

In case of a mishap or when something goes wrong, your friends with whom you have a strong bond will comfort you. You will always have a shoulder to cry on.

#5 Talk about your ‘kid’ trouble.

When you have your own kids, you are bound to get frustrated at times, especially after they enter adolescence. It’s a human phenomenon, kids’ rebel, and you will want to sulk about it with your friends, who might be going through the same.

#6 Have hobbies.

In the middle years of life, whether you have a job or not, you should take up some hobby together with your friends. This will let you de-stress and also create an opportunity to socialize with friends. You can join a club, or just plain start a hobby club at one of your homes.

#7 Have a chosen family.

Often friends are called the family that we choose. Choose well, and you might have lifelong relationships.

#8 Someone to help solve your problems.

You will always have a friend that has gone through something similar. Take their suggestions and work it out. It will save a lot of your time and has better results.

#9 Organize celebrations.

Friends can lend you a hand in your festival or party preparations. It will be so much fun when they join in the celebrations. After all, it’s always ‘the more, the merrier’.

#10 Your personal information system.

I am not talking about gossips, but genuine useful information like taxes, or investments, or home décor shops, or best caterers. You could always ask for suggestions, and you will have plenty of them.

#11 Because having friends is awesome.

You actually don’t need any reason to have friends. It’s a natural instinct with us, to have people around who we can connect with. Every true friend you gain is one more person who adores you. And you can never have too much of those. Can you?

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