Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions And How To Achieve Them

The time around New Year’s Day is a mixed bag of emotions. There’s the tinge of excitement that awaits the New Year accompanied by a sense of gloominess because a year is about to end. Following all these emotions, comes the pressure of how to make the coming year better than the year that is almost gone.

And, what’s more promising than making some New Year resolutions? But in the process to make really big changes and commitments, we often lose the patience to implement them properly and fail to stick to them. Why not start with some basic ones? Take a look at these common and popular resolutions. If you want them on your list, then find out how you can achieve them!

#1 Treat your body with utmost care.

Start with your own body, because that is usually the most ignored aspect in one’s life. No, it doesn’t mean treat it with ‘unhealthy foods’. You have to get in shape and take care of yourself. Know about your body and do what needs to be done to become fit. Eat healthy foods. Exercise daily. If you’re too thin, try gaining some muscle and healthy fat. If you are overweight, then lose some pounds. In short, promise to look after yourself, before everything else.

#2 Try expanding your interests and get a hold of your career.

Everyone is either busy trying to live a lavish lifestyle or wasting their time just whiling it away. You have to question yourself, “Am I spending my time productively and to do things I want to?” In this context, make a resolution to not waste time and focus on your interests. Set productive goals and make sure to achieve them. You have to get over the modern age time-busters like using social media for unnecessary reasons. It’s high time to start concentrating on what’s important.

#3 Cultivate the positive aura around you.

People are often attracted to negativity over positivity. It just takes a lot more effort to stay positive over being negative. But, you have to remember that you get nothing by being negative whereas good things will come your way by being positive. Imbibe good feelings, cut off your vices, know your pros and cons, work on them and eradicate all that is harmful to your emotional health. Gather self-confidence and make your life worth it. Give people the exact treatment you expect from them. Fall in love with yourself from head to toe.

#4 Get rid of harmful habits.

Let’s face it. All of us have our demons to deal with; and that’s okay as long as we know them and we are constantly working on keeping a lid on them. To become a better person you have to recognize what those habits are and get rid of them. Ask your close ones, if you are not able to identify them. They can be anything like smoking, alcoholism, or even short-tempered nature. Get a hold of your self-control and conscience and just turn everything around.

#5 Start managing your money.

Money plays a really vital role, not to mention that we need it to live in good conditions. And, that’s why this aspect of our lives should be taken care of properly. Plan your future and get set go. Start investing smartly and also saving money. Plan your monthly budget and cut down the unnecessary expenditure. You might not realize now but you never know what’s on its way.

#6 Learn how to cook.

Sooner or later, you are going to need this skill and this art is not gender-biased. At least, make sure you learn the basics like making tea or coffee or even instant noodles. It will be really helpful if you can learn to put together a very basic meal so that you don’t have to sleep on empty stomach. After all, when you are on a budget and can’t order takeout, you can procure the ingredients with a little amount but surely, they are not going to cook themselves.

#7 Keep a diary or a journal.

Most of us think of starting to do this every New Year but don’t even bother to begin. But this time promise yourself to inculcate the writing habit. Important events are constantly happening to us and new events keep coming up all the time. We feel so many things all at once, every day. And, so it is very important to jot those all down. Start writing. It can be in a hard-bound paper diary or a digital diary or even a journal. Because, who knows, five years from now when you flip through the pages of your old self, you will know how much you have grown!

#8 Take self-defense lessons.

The world is not much of a safe place to live in and there’s danger everywhere. Not every one of us has company all the time to protect us. We must learn how to take care of our safety and what better way than taking self-defense classes? You can take taekwondo classes, karate classes or whatever suits you! Always be ready to face the worst, even during broad daylight. There’s no harm in being prepared.

#9 Meet an old friend.

This here is one interesting thing to do. With time passing by so swiftly, everything just fades away – relations, memories, and people. But, this New Year could be fascinating and productive if you decide to reconnect with an old friend. Contact them, get to know how they’re doing and if possible, try meeting them. You can reminisce about past and have a few nostalgic moments.

#10 Visit a doctor.

Do we even need to ask why? Without a healthy body, there is nothing that can go well in our lives, yet ironically, it is mostly disregarded. The body needs to be taken care of properly and physical health has to be a top priority. You need to know the condition of your body in order to look after it. And, this can be done by regularly visiting the doctor. Most of the ailments or serious illnesses can be dealt with if detected early.

With New Year just a few days away, we now have a slight idea about how to make it better and how to make this end of the year not go in vain. Taking the pressure off, regarding making resolutions, we can just settle with these basic ones. Have a joyous New Year ahead!

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