If I Were A…..

If I were anything I want to be, life would become so much easier. And no, not just Mystique-from-Xmen-anyone, but Aladdin’s-genie-anything. We spend a lot of time thinking about becoming something or someone that appeals to us. We wish to be what we’re not, so we could have a glimpse of life outside ourselves.

If I were, say, a bird, I would fulfil my childhood dream of flying. What a moment it would be for me, to fly from branch to branch, building to building and watch everything get smaller as I go higher. I would chirp all the time and fill the air with sounds of happiness. I would be able to watch sunset and sunrise while perched on the mountain top, up close. What a life it would be, to look and feel carefree.

Or maybe I could be a mirror! I could be good and bad at the same time. I’d have the ability to reflect others, though it would be only their outer appearance, but doing so would show what someone is in their real life, when they’re all by themselves in front of a mirror that reflects infinity. There’d be an exact replica of this world contained on my surface. But I’d be too fragile and vulnerable to shattering.

But what If I was something everybody craved for? Something that anyone would never want to run out of? Definitely, being time would make me a celebrity. Everyone would carry me on their wrists, but never have enough of me. Because of me, they’d always be on their toes and try to save and benefit from every last bit of me. I would be eternal, one step ahead of everyone. I’d become invincible.

Yet here I am, personifying things that I can never be and talking about what I’d do if I were this or that. Do we ever stop and realise that we’re losing ourselves while trying to become someone or something that we’re not and never can be. The powers we posses being ourselves gives us an identity. The things we can do with our unique qualities are incomparable. We can be anything we want while being ourselves because our abilities are not confined or limited in certain boundaries. Being human has its own perks; we’re just too absorbed in thinking about not being one.

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