How reading can make you a better person…

The act of reading a book or a novel involves a bit of concentration, resolve and loads of imagination. After all, according to nerds like me, it is the best pastime, right next to bingeing on soap operas and movies. So let me ask you a question, when was the last time you read a book, cover to cover? If it takes you more than a minutes’ brain work, then my friend you don’t know what you are lacking in your life.

Reading is a fun and entertaining way of losing yourself in a world of words. But for those of you, who don’t like to do anything without playing fifty questions, let me give you over fifteen reasons why reading is a boon to mankind!

#1 Reading will make you sharp as your age.

#2 It’s soothing, and will force you to calm down.

#3 Reading helps in increasing concentration periods.

#4 Avid readers are analytical, at least more than your average mind.

#5 The personal dictionary of bookworms will not be limited to a few words.

#6 You can write well, if you read well.

#7 Reading also helps exercise those brain cells.

#8 Makes your conversations interesting.

#9 Helps you define and clear your views.

#10 If you really delve into it, you can actually rediscover yourself.

#11 Good readers have the best imagination.

#12 Reading regularly will provide you with awesome topics for meaningful discussions.

#13 Reading also improves your quota of general knowledge.

#14 It creates a definitive understanding and helps form opinions.

#15 It will never let you feel lonely.

#16 Reading helps in giving life a perspective.

#17 It can be a mode of escape from the mundaneness of life.

Hence it is what it is – a great, joyful act of immersing yourself into the mind of another. It helps in making your life more colourful, with vivid characters and lore to accompany you. Reading can make you a better person…

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