How Humans Are Destroying Planet Earth…

Planet Earth came into existence some billions of years ago. And since many centuries, humans have been the principal and superior living beings on Earth. However, with passing time, humans have become the worst enemies of this planet! People are creating a lot of waste just to make life easier. They are shifting to disposable items even when there is no need for those to be new and can be reused. It seems that the time when humans also become disposable is not far away.

Here are some common ways in which humans have been destroying the planet.

#1 Degrading and clearing the lands for housing and commercial purposes will soon clear away humans from earth as well.

#2 Air pollution will soon make the existence of a livable planet Earth a part of the history!

#3 The usage of disposable items has become a major reason for increased waste production. Is saving some time more important than the planet?

#4 Improper disposal of garbage and wastes is polluting underground water and also air. This is quite a reflection of our so called educated minds.

#5 Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides on crops, and oil spills in oceans which kill marine life, lead to deterioration of the environment as well as human health.

#6 Even some of the daily habits such as wasting water, leaving the lights or fans on when not required etc., add more damage to our planet. People should put into practice, the things they learnt at school.

#7 Usage of things made with plastic by the equally plastic humans has become a great cause of worry.

#8 Greediness of humans for meat and other animal products is no less harmful to the natural ecosystem. And we all keep hearing how many species have gone extinct because of human activities.

#9 Paper wastage is also a big issue. It is an irony how people waste paper just to write that paper shouldn’t be wasted.

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