Feeling Empty and Incomplete: Understanding and Overcoming It!

I feel empty and incomplete. I can never be whole and happy. This makes me feel lonely. No matter what I do, these feelings never cease to be. What do I do? Does this resonate with you? Then you should definitely read this.

Most of you must have experienced that emptiness somewhere inside of you that makes you feel incomplete. This psychological trouble is not an easy one to deal with. Trust me, I was there once. I always used to feel that something was missing. Tried lots of stuff to fill that hole and found temporary refuge but things would go back to the way they were again. In fact, even more worse if I have to say! And in the end I found myself feeling even more hurt and lonely.

It was difficult to deal with and I couldn’t find a solution anywhere. Not knowing what to do, I explored dark things and pursued even darker ways of life. The moments in the dark were an escape from this internal chaos. But the more I got involved in it, the more pain I carried by the time I was finished with it. So I had to start again and end up with even more pain. It took me a lot of struggle to break free from this cycle. When I was out, I took some time for myself and thought. I had to fight myself for a long time to straighten myself up. I learned how to deal with my emotions without hurting myself. It was simple. I didn’t try to control my emotional state. I let the residing feelings out and started afresh with new ones.

In this process, I discovered myself. I met the self that I am proud of today. Let me share some of my findings with you.

You have to understand what you feel that you are lacking before acting on your emotional urges. I said ‘feel that you are lacking’ but not ‘what you are lacking’. Indeed no body actually lacks anything all throughout their life. They can attain it at some point if they really try. So when you find out what it is, chase after it. Instead of obsessing over the goal, enjoy the journey that takes you there. You will stumble upon a lot of things in this journey. These will answer many of your questions. When you reach your goal, there is this moment, when you feel so complete. You will feel so accomplished. This will slowly fade with time and the incomplete feeling will be back again. Don’t fret. Repeat the process. Look for more things to pursue.

Don’t look for things that give you relief, look for things that give you long lasting happiness. When I say long lasting happiness, I mean things that make you happy whenever you think about them. Take time to listen to your inner voices – both the positive and negative ones. Pick an option and go ahead with it.

Remember that you can never forever feel complete. Life will be too bland without any challenges. Face obstacles head on. Enjoy the journey between feeling incomplete and complete. Achieve things that you feel that you lack. And never ditch your positive voice. Always remember to love yourself and your life. Go conquer yourself!

This concept is abstract but I hope it will help you!

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