Fashion Trends to Try This Wedding Season

Fashion Trends to Try This Wedding Season

#1 Off-shoulder blouses

Gone are the days of crop tops and full sleeves. Off-shoulders are stealing the show now and not just tops and gowns, blouses make a really good mix n’ match with the sarees. Put that sleeve down and stunning-ness is just one step away.

#2 Chokers

I call it “The Modern Savage”. With the neck embellished with a choker, the groom surely gets choked to death on the sight. The neck never looked more elegant.

#3 Ruffles and Frills

Ruffles have taken the job of a show stopper and make sure you get the look right out of your favorite fairy-tale! And, frills can be added to the border of sarees as well.

#4 Pastels

Pastels in a wardrobe are basically the right choice for a wedding if one wants to look all decent and beautiful. If that looks too plain, combining it with a little embroidery and work gives it the artistic look you want.

#5 Jackets

This is probably a beautiful fusion of the Indian and the Western. No doubt, it looks stunning. The outfit brings out the confidence automatically.

#6 Floor-length Anarkalis

They practically never go out of trend. When in doubt, wear Anarkali.

#7 Deep Plunge

What’s sexier than outfits with deep-plunged necklines? Being the main attraction of the outfit, it could be combined with simple yet beautiful jewelry and I promise no heads will be left unturned. *winks*

#8 Capes

Bring out the Superwoman in you by carrying the cape on your shoulders. Heroism and beauty woven into the threads of the beautiful over wear!

#9 Floral tiaras

Oh, and the princesses within are all unleashed by the congregation of beads and flowers and petals. The brides shall look no less than the angels of the heaven.

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