A Reminder for Father’s Day

If I had to count the number of times my father sacrificed his wishes for my happiness, I won’t be able to, because he would never let me know. Nor would anyone else’s father.

You must remember rushing to the door every time your dad returned home to check what he got you, when you were little. Good old days, huh? As you grow up you realise that it’s never about the colourful candies or tasty chips, but it’s about the width of smile on his face when he sees you jumping around with joy upon receiving the treat. And how eager he gets to gift you something you love and nervous about whether you’ll like it or not. All those times, when he tries something new, and stands there looking at you expectantly, waiting for your approval. These are little things that contain the unimaginable amount of love fathers carry in the hearts for their children.

That golden dust-covered trophy with a faded label resting on a shelf, which you got in 2nd grade, is still the source of pride for him. Remember how he just wouldn’t stop flaunting that trophy to everyone who visited the house? Yep, that’s how proud he is; proud of what his child has achieved. Because fathers are the only people in our lives who want to see us do better than them.

You don’t go out when the weather’s being nasty, but does your father stop? Nope. He works hard honestly and gives all that he has so his children can see sunshine. Isn’t that beautiful? Try naming another person (besides your mom) who would do the same for you. I too don’t have an example, because there isn’t any. He strives not for his success, but for yours. And trust me when I say your success is his success.

And he gets on with the dad jokes. They’re so lame that it doesn’t make you laugh, and you don’t. Let me tell you something, when you learnt how to speak as a kid, the smallest of sounds you made sent him laughing so hard that the walls witnessed all the reverberation. So now, he doesn’t crack those jokes for himself, he does it to see your smile. Just for him, laugh a little louder, it would make his day.

He does get a little moody sometimes, especially when he is upset with you. He says a few things you don’t want to hear, but silently, he doesn’t want to say them either. It’s because fathers expect some effort from your side as well. He wants to see you give at least a little amount of love that he’s giving you. He wants to see you try; he can’t bear to see you fail. His child is always the best for him.

All the fun time you spend with him, or the times when he makes you do stuff that you don’t want to will be a far away memory soon. We’ll all grow up and become someone our dads will always be proud of. It’s time you should let him know that he’s the one you look up to and he’ll always be your role model.

Always keep in mind, no matter if you’re losing or winning, just like you support for your favourite team, your dad would be sitting somewhere in the crowd with a painted face holding a flag in one hand and blowing whistles from his mouth and cheering for you like there’s no tomorrow. And god! If you win, the whole row would know that you’re his child.

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