Why do teens get depressed?

Life nowadays has become complicated; especially for our modern generation who are dealing with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. It is not unusual to find young people feeling down these days. Teens suffering from depression are constantly sad, lose interest in any kind of activity and are emotionally unstable.

One major cause might be that the teenagers are failing to understand that life is not all about social media or the virtual world. Well, they have forgotten that feelings and emotions are not to be found in Wikipedia. Or it could be their social status or educational performance as well.

Such complicacies have made our younger generation prone to depression. Teen depression is a major mental health issue that parents ought to recognize and deal with in a proper way.

One of the biggest reasons for depression in teens is constant exposure to social media and the virtual world. Seeing posts of eventful lives of others attracts them and makes them feel inferior about themselves at the same time. Time and again, unrealistic portrayal of beauty on social media, stirs feelings of self consciousness and inferiority. This feeling of not measuring up to the beauty standards set by social media makes many teens depressed. The influence of such unattainable beauty standards might have a major impact on self-esteem and self-image than one can imagine.

Another important reason causing depression is peer pressure. Teenagers are often exposed to unhealthy things and feel the urge to experiment. Being too young and inexperienced, they fail to understand what exactly is right and wrong, get influenced by their peers and get involved in various dangerous and damaging situations. This ultimately creates chaos in their minds. They constantly fight a mental battle against their own conscience.

Unrequited love and infatuations that don’t end well can lead to depression too. Well, we all know that teenage is one of the most beautiful phases of life but at the same time the most difficult one too. Getting into a relationship might seem like a fairy-tale at this age and when the love is unrequited, things get worse for the teenager. Love is indeed a beautiful feeling but sinking into a downward spiral when things don’t work out isn’t obviously right.

Troubled childhood and family problems can also make a teenager depressed. Constant exposure to negativity and lack of affection among family members often has adverse effects on teens. Unhealthy family environment can have a detrimental effect on them.

Teenagers need to understand and open up to their elders and discuss everything. History has proven that experience is the biggest teacher. And in this case, the parents’ experience can help out their kids in a major way. The lessons from their life and experiences will at least make a difference. Opening up to peers who might also be going through the same phase wouldn’t be much help. Turning to adults to get help is not a bad idea at all.

Most importantly, parents must notice any signs of depression in their teenage kids. Opting for counseling and advice from experts can help a lot. Mental illness is not a thing of shame. It is as serious as physical health. One shouldn’t become a victim of this social stigma. Facing one’s depression and acting on it is a lot better than taking wrong steps that give temporary relief and are permanently damaging.

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