Things you’ll relate to if you’re a South Indian living up North

Offensive or not, stereotypes are something that surround us everywhere we go. Especially in India! We love to be racist and stereotypical towards our own people. Be it a Gujju who loves khakhra, a Mumbaikar who loves Vada Pav or a Bengali who loves Roshagulla; everyone is ignorantly stereotypical to everyone. One of the most stereotype prone people, who I haven’t mentioned in the above list, are the people from down south. Yes, the people who only ever eat Idli, Dosa, Upma and Vada in their lives. Here are a few of the stereotypes a South Indian living in the North faces:

#1 Utensils? No. Banana leaf.

Okay, maybe in a few functions, the situation warrants a more traditional method of dining, but that’s not how we eat everyday people!

#2 Oh so do you wear lungis?

NO. Neither does anyone in my family.

#3 South Indian? But you’re fair.

Bite me. And the rest of the millions of people who are.

#4 But your accent is normal.

Your mindset isn’t.

#5 You must be good at studies.

Let’s see.. Re-exams in three subjects and 40% attendance.

#6 ‘South’ is a single state where everyone speaks the same language.

Just Stop.

#7 South Indian = Madrasi

Does North Indian = Delhiite sound right? Does it?

#8 ‘Aiyyo’ is our reaction to everything.

You have a poor taste in movies.

#9 Where’s the Adidas logo on my forehead?

Where’s the paan in your mouth? Yes, the assumption is ridiculous.

Bollywood has had a major role in helping us form impressions about other people and the most ridiculous of those have been of South Indians. Get your facts right people. Just as long as it’s all fun and games!

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Featured Image: Pexels

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