Not Kidding: Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Lord Of the Rings and many more are perfectly real!

How often have you heard a Potterhead say, “I wish I could go to Hogwarts”, or how often have you wished for The Avengers to be existent; for the world to be cool enough for the Iron Man suit and Captain America’s shield to be a reality. Guess what? They are. It is also true that Harry and his friends are fighting the white walkers whereas Westeros is gearing up to face Lord Voldemort.

Alright. While the above, seemingly far-fetched, statements have been made in sheer excitement regarding such a prospect being true, let’s make them plausible now. Using science! And without bogging down into painful details for the population having a regular IQ! This whole concept is called Fictional Realism and here is why it holds up:

Let me start by reminding you what you, probably, have already studied: dimensions.
As we know, we are three dimensional beings. Which means, we are abled enough to live, visit and operate along the first three dimensions, which are 1. Length, 2. Height and 3. Width.

In other words, we are capable enough to walk along the length of the room (dimension one); travel along the height of the room (dimension two) and walk along the width of the room (dimension three). Hence, three dimensional beings. But what is beyond the third dimension? And further beyond that?

If you have seen Interstellar, you probably know that the fourth dimension is time. They didn’t just make that up for the movie. The movie stands out to be one of the most scientifically plausible Sci-Fi movies  of all time. It is an established fact that the fourth dimension is time. Let us put it this way in order to understand this better: in the four dimensional world, or for a four dimensional being, time is a physical dimension to them, like length, breadth and height is to us. That’s right. They can visit and see points of time in the past and the future.

From here on out, the remaining dimensions are about parallel worlds. For example, the fifth dimension is about a second world which is slightly different from ours. The sixth dimension is all the possible worlds, with the same starting point as ours: the big bang. This refers to all the things that could have gone in different ways after the big bang happened. Let’s jump to the tenth and the final dimension: Infinite worlds.

This is the point where every moment goes in every possible way, imaginable and unimaginable. Every possible starting point, midpoint, ending point! Every possible moment! This world is the way it is right now, due to all the events and incidents which had consequences that lead up to this moment. The world would have been entirely different if instead of those events, something else had happened. This is our reality. And there is an alternate reality where things happened differently. Infinite possibilities… You may be a dinosaur rider there. It encompasses all the possible realities. Things happened in such a way and all the pieces of the puzzle fit in such a way that, it renders it possible for Harry Potter and Jon Snow to be having tea together right now.

However far-fetched this whole idea may seem, the possibility of you and Harambe leading a rebellion against the Lannisters is, on some level, backed by science.

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