Weird Superstitions From Around The World

From time immemorial, superstitions have played a major role in shaping the society. These have existed for centuries and there is no possible logic behind them. And yet people actually believe this strange stuff for no apparent reason! Here are some bizarre beliefs from around the world…

#1 Black cat

There are many superstitions associated with black cats, both good and bad. A black cat crossing your path is seen as bad luck in some cultures while some believe that it’s good luck. It is also believed that a woman with a black cat will have many suitors.

#2 Death by fan

In South Korea, it is believed that sleeping with a fan on in your room will kill you. Electric fans made there have a timer setting that turns the fan off after a certain time.

#3 Rice for spirits

China has a tradition of throwing rice at newly married couples to keep away jealous spirits. It is believed that doing so would take the spirits’ concentration away from the bride and groom.

#4 Bird poop for luck

In Russia, bird poop is considered lucky. It is believed that if a bird defecates on you, it’ll bring you wealth and prosperity.

#5 Don’t sweep at night

Because you are sweeping away your luck and wealth! That’s what the people of West Africa and India believe anyway.

#6 Gum or dead flesh

According to a Turkish belief, chewing gum at night is actually chewing the rotting flesh of the dead.

#7 Fingers crossed

Crossing two fingers to wish for luck or to display support is a common superstition. However, this hand gesture is also being used to tell white lies these days, so that the person won’t be sent to hell for telling a lie.

#8 Sleeping towards North is a no-no

Japanese never sleep with their head facing North because it is believed to bring bad luck or even death. Only the dead sleep facing North and corpses are positioned that way at funerals.

#9 Groaning cheese and newborn baby

In Medieval England, newborn baby was passed through a rind of cheese. Expectant mothers made this ‘groaning cheese’ which matured in 9 months during which unborn baby grew. After birth, the family ate this until only the outer rind was left.

#10 Midnight grapes

According to a Spanish tradition, people stuff 12 grapes in their mouth when clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve. It is supposed to bring 12 months of good luck.

#11 Lone magpie

Witnessing a single magpie is considered bad luck in Britain. It is apparently believed that you can ward off the bad luck after seeing one, by saluting it.

#12 Days for hair and nails

In India, people refrain from shaving, getting a haircut and cutting nails on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays as it is believed to bring bad luck. And they also avoid these after sunset.

#13 Friday the 13th

This superstition is quite famous and well-known all around the world. People avoid doing anything significant on this day as it is considered an unlucky day.

#14 Broken mirror

There are numerous beliefs involving mirrors. One widespread superstition is that breaking a mirror can cause you seven years of bad luck.

#15 Spilling salt

According to this European superstition, spilling salt is an evil omen and is considered unlucky. An explanation to this belief is that Judas Iscariot spilled salt by knocking over a salt cellar at the Last Supper, bringing bad luck.

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