Things You’ll Understand If You Grew Up With Strict Parents

None of us did really like the rules and restrictions imposed on us by our parents while we were growing up but only a few know how it feels like to get up in the morning and get handed over a list of DOs and DON’Ts. And when these kids had thoughts of doing something, they always ended up picturing in the back of their minds, the angry portrait of their parents. You’d understand what it’s like to grow up with that kind of strictness, if you were one of those kids too! Here are a few things you can relate to if you grew up with strict parents…

#1 You were first to leave a party when everyone else was still having fun.

#2 If there was something to ask permission for, you had to take a sneak-peek every now and then to check if your parents were in a good mood.

#3 You always had to choose among the days of the week for going out on because more than once was just IMPOSSIBLE!

#4 A panic attack would emerge within you when your friends kept changing plans and you had to keep on explaining what’s what.

#5 You have been constantly tempted to become a rebel and lead a war, but you somehow managed to get attacked yourself the next moment.

#6 Even though you gathered all the courage in the world to ask your parents for ‘the Permission’, you were still frightened as you knew that a Quiz round would follow.

#7 Most of the time, you didn’t even ask them because you knew it was going to be a No and you wanted to be spared a lecture.

#8 Even if they gave you permission to go out, they set a ton of rules to follow.

#9 If you stayed out past your curfew, you had to make up all kinds of alibis and explanations as if to present in the Supreme Court.

#10 You have faked shocks or surprising looks on watching something remotely intimate or illegal because you wanted your parents to think you were sent right from The Heavens.

#11 Sleepovers were a No-No, unless they had the family tree and entire history of your friend.

#12 Cursing and swear words were off your vocabulary.

#13 You had to put serious thought into your jokes because you HAD to be careful about what you say if you wanted a save from the lengthy lectures that might follow.

#14 You learnt to make great puppy faces. You have become an expert and might have also earned a PhD.

#15 You would be attacked with a barrage of questions if you used your phone or PC too much!

#16 They always had something to say about your fashion choices and expected you to dress ‘appropriately’!

#17 You were supposed to give every last detail about what you did!

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