Complaining Rants of the Teenagers

How often do we hear teenagers cribbing about the messed up life of theirs or the latest gadgets which they won’t be able to buy? A lot actually!

Well, the complaining rants of a teenager are mostly never ending. From a simple issue like not being allowed their favourite black dress or more popularly known as the ‘LBD’ to not being able to get into a relationship with their crush. The list is never ending.

The teenagers of the present generation indeed find myriad reasons and issues to complain about. While some are quite stupid and regarded as just whims and fancies of the age, others are matters of concern and worry.

The most common complaint of the youngsters of today is generally about their parents. They are always going on and on about their parents not understanding them or not connecting with their views. Well, one of the biggest reasons of such a rift is the generation gap. Teenagers being young and a part of a dynamic society fail to connect with what their parents want to say. They don’t really understand that their parents are experienced; and experience being one of the greatest teachers, they obviously know better than the youngsters.

Another aspect of teenage complaining is related to not getting what they want. Time and again you will hear teenagers ranting about something or the other which their parents didn’t let them do or have.

Teenage is such a juncture in life where one is confused about what one is doing. The saying, “curiosity kills the cat” fits this phase perfectly.  Teenagers are constantly in the pursuit of freedom of going out anywhere and everywhere, and the independence in taking their own decisions and doing what they want to. But, keeping in mind certain adverse circumstances, the parents always limit their freedom and independence which creates frustration in the teens and is probably the main reason causing the tendency of criticizing and complaining in them.

Another issue is the fact that teenagers want to try and experiment with all sorts of things, be it alcohol or cigarette or even drugs. In this race of proving to their peers, how cool they are, they forget to maintain a boundary. So, to prevent them from getting into such things, parents often try to restrain them, thus limiting their freedom. And the endless rants start, fueled by the controls set on them forbidding any experimenting.

Teenage is one of the most vital phases of a person’s life. This age is a make or break period for anyone. One will eventually grow out of it; whether they waste it on complaining about silly things or make the best out of it depends only on that person!

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