Indian Web Series That Are A Must-Watch

Web series have become an instant hit with Indian youth after decades of melodramatic serials on TV and the Hollywood stuff they can’t completely relate to! It’s all thanks to the creators who are making series with ingenious content and relatable characters! If you are looking for some original Indian web series to binge watch on, then here’s the list you can pick from. Get watching right away!

1 | Bang Baaja Baaraat – YFilms

Love is in the air for this couple. While the modern-day relationships aren’t so easy, this couple decides to tie the knot. But, when their extremely different families meet, the actual struggle begins. After a chain of happenings, and a few highs and lows, do they end up marrying?

2 | Permanent Roommates – TheViralFeverVideos

Long-distance relationships can be a little tricky. But, what happens next when you successfully happen to survive it? Do you get married? Or do you wait for the right time? This series portrays exactly that –the doubts, the problems and the rest. It also teaches how efforts are to be made from both sides to make a relationship last. And, the ending is beautiful!

3 | Baked – Pechkas Pictures and ScoopWhoop talkies

A student trio from the DU decides to start a midnight food delivery service. But, much to their surprise it is not as easy as they expected it to be. The series narrates the struggle they undergo to keep up with both their student and “professional” lives.

4 | Man’s World – YFilms

This series depicts why the proverb “Be careful what you wish for!” holds legit. A man, named Kiran, is frustrated with the “atrocities” the men face and he prays God for men and women to trade places. And, what happens when the wish is granted? Does he like the Man’s world?

5 | Ladies Room – YFilms

This series is about two girls, bro-ing away in ladies’ loos, making mental adventures and somehow, always ending up in trouble. It depicts the modern-day friendship between two girls who are crazy as well as unapologetic of their amazing madness.

6 | Sex chat with Pappu and Papa – YFilms

In this one, a 7-year old, curious boy shoots “Haww” questions at his father. The series is an honest and decent attempt to spread the importance of sex education in today’s world. And yet it will not make you uncomfortable.

7 | Pitchers – TheViralFeverVideos

Four young minds quit their day jobs to do something for themselves, on their own. Against all the odds, they start their own start-up, because they are dissatisfied with their regular jobs. They embark on a journey of entrepreneurship, but do they reach the success point? So, how far does this go?

8 | A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend – Arre

In a world where everything is being prefixed with “e-“and suffixed with “-tech”, what would happen if relationships gave this a shot? What if humans were replaced by artificial intelligence? What if one fell in love with something as virtual as that?

9 | Humorously Yours – TheViralFeverVideos

A stand-up comedian struggles his way through comedy with comedy. Lots of it. This series depicts exactly what their tagline says – “The Drama behind the Comedy”. A comedian’s life is not all that humorous, witty and funny like in his jokes. He is just as pestered as we all are!

10 | Girl In The City – bindaas

How a young girl comes to Mumbai to pursue her dreams is ideally portrayed in this series. How the city shows her its color – in both, dark and light, white and black and how she chooses to perceive it, is what this series is all about!

11 | Little Things – Dice Media and FilterCopy

Last, but not the least; this beautiful series depicts how the little things we do for the people we love and they do for us, inspire us to become better versions of ourselves. This series is about a couple in live-in sharing the most important thing in a relationship, called friendship. It is really the little things that matter!

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