Things You Do That Make People Dislike You

It is said that “First impression is the last impression” and each one of us is intent on creating a good one. But there are a few things that we end up doing that can cause people to dislike us. Here is a list of such things. These might help you understand what not to do and how to create a good impression.

#1 Bragging about oneself and masking it under the veil of self-criticism is a big turn-off.

#2 It will be really difficult for people to like you, if you don’t have a smile on your face.

#3 To be nice to people without crossing the limit is no piece of cake; if you are too nice, you’ll be considered suspicious.

#4 Being social is good, but the world doesn’t want to know about every single thing you do. Updating your status too often or tweeting too much is a big no-no.

#5 Asking someone too many questions without actually opening up about yourself is not a good idea.

#6 Sharing so many pictures on social media might not really make people like you, instead they’ll get annoyed.

#7 Being shy is common but people like those with confidence; and you got to hide the timid nature underneath if you don’t want people disliking you.

#8 Be real. Let your true emotions reach people. Faking and hiding might not really serve well.

#9 Your social media profile plays a vital role in creating impressions. Having too many or too few Facebook friends can make people shun you.

#10 Getting really personal right away might scare people away. Don’t get into their personal space.

#11 If you are too uptight and do not have a good sense of humor, people will prefer to maintain their safe distance from you.

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