Signs You Spend Too Much Time On The Internet

As the world is engulfed in the darkness and the silence of the night, the night owls stay awake with their cell phones, laptops or other devices. Not just at night, in fact, people are now suffering from a widely spreading disease of not being able to stay away from the internet, no matter the time and place. But, is it really possible to be that addicted to internet? Of course, it is. Here are some signs that prove that you may be existing just for the Internet.

#1 You feel uneasy when you move out of the Wi-Fi zone.

#2 You hear sounds like chat pings and notification tones even when you are not around any device.

#3 The phrase “Follow me” doesn’t remotely mean physical movement to you.

#4 While you are away from the Internet, you think about things that you can do on Internet.

#5 You back up all your points by using internet as the source to ascertain them.

#6 Netflix has become your new cable TV.

#7 Your browser history is the only thing that you clean.

#8 When you find your Internet connection to be weak, an apocalypse begins inside you.

#9 You don’t know how to relate to people who do not have a life on Internet.

#10 You can’t stay away from going on the Internet for long.

#11 You send messages to people via internet even when you are in the same room.

#12 You keep laughing out loud at really inappropriate times thinking about something you saw on the internet.

#13 Instead of actually expressing something in words, you prefer using reaction GIFs or memes.

#14 You refuse to go to any place that has no internet. Before planning a trip, you first check if there’s good Wi-Fi connection.

Since the whole world is prefixing everything with “e-“, it is a pretty natural to not be able to leave the internet out of our lives. But, of course, we are not to forget that there is a real world out there with its green leaves and sunny skies. Take occasional breaks from the virtual world and venture into this one.

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