Interesting Facts About Coffee

Starting the day with a cup of coffee is always refreshing – kick-starts the day as it boosts our mood and makes us energetic. But this little brown, bean-shaped magic brings with it so many interesting facts. Let’s uncover some of them.

#1 Coffee beans are actually a pit of red-colored berries.

#2 Coffee can help prevent Alzheimer’s by 65%.

#3 People who drink coffee on a regular basis are 80% less likely to develop cirrhosis, a liver condition.

#4 Kopi Luwak, made from faeces of an Asian palm civet, is the most expensive coffee in the world.

#5 More resources are needed to prepare iced coffee compared to hot coffee, hence it is more expensive.

#6 Drinking coffee helps to increase the metabolism rate by up to 11%, so it actually helps in burning fat.

#7 Sneaking a little into the ancient culture, the Arabic women could divorce their husband under only one condition: if he did not provide her with enough coffee.

#8 Espresso contains 2.5% fat while filtered coffee has only 0.6%.

#9 Initially, coffee was named “qahhwat al-bun” meaning “wine of the bean” by the Arabians. Then the Turks borrowed it and named it “Kahve”. Then, finally it was named “coffee” by the English.

#10 There is a spa in Japan that lets you bathe in coffee.

#11 There was a controversy in the 1600s – if the Catholics should be allowed to drink coffee or not; and fortunately, Pope Clement VIII said it was okay.

#12 Coffee can prove to be lethal if 100 cups of it are consumed in a day.

#13 Women who drink 3 cups of caffeinated coffee every day are 15% less likely to develop depression.

#14 The World War II American soldiers were called G.I.Joes and since they drank large amounts of coffee, the drink earned a nickname “a cup of joe”.

#15 One-third of the tap water in North America is used to brew coffee on a daily basis.

#16 Men decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer by 20% if they drink six or more cups of coffee daily.

#17 The more the coffee is roasted, the more caffeine is cooked from the bean, hence light roast coffee has more caffeine than dark-roast coffee.

#18 Drinking coffee decreases the risk of cognitive impairment and also help in decreasing neurodegenerative disorders.

#19 When the first coffeehouse opened in England in 1652, women were barred from entering it.

#20 Teddy Roosevelt, owing to his immense love for coffee, drank a gallon of it everyday! (No, don’t even try!)

#21 George Washington, a layman in Guatemela invented instant coffee in 1906.

#22 Caffeine might avoid pain in the neck and shoulders if consumed before sitting down in front of a computer.

#23 Coffee was initially a food rather than a beverage and that too, the first food to be “freeze-dried”.

#24 Coffee cools about 20% slower when added with cream.

#25 Decaf doesn’t really mean caffeine-free. It just means very slight amount of caffeine which is about 2-12 mg.

#26 Even smelling coffee can alter the activity of few genes in the brain that can help you wake up!

This one is dedicated to all the coffee-philes out there!

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