Brilliant Inventions That Prove That We Are In The Future

Necessity is the mother of invention. This is rightly said as every day we come across some need or other that requires being satisfied. In order to do that new technologies must be invented or existing ones must be improved. And since the world is moving forward and making excellent development with technology, we have so much to look forward to. Here is a list of few inventions that will surely give you the feel of a far better future! Wait, actually they will make you feel that you are in the future…

#1 Solar-powered chaise lounge.

Lets you nap at night with sufficient light without wasting electricity.

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#2 Oculus Rift.

These virtual reality headsets put you in the action that’s going on, to give a more realistic gaming experience.

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#3 Virtual Shopping Store.

Lets you choose your items from a LED screen by touching them and will have them all packed automatically at the counter.

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#4 Bendable phones.

Besides making it easy to keep them even inside the tiniest of pockets, these cell phones have various other uses.

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#5 The cyclist’s backpack.

 It has a safety display for the people riding behind the cyclist.

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#6 Ruggie.

You have to put your feet on this rug alarm to stop it.

#7 The automated trash can.

It calculates where the litter is going to fall via wireless connection and it automatically positions itself to catch the trash.

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#8 3D metal printer.

This can give your creativity the 3D effect.

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#9 Wrist Cast.

For broken wrists and fracture; this one really keeps you at ease.

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#10 Camera Translator.

Translates foreign languages to a required language, when the text is put in front of the camera.

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#11 PhotoMath.

A photo calculator app that solves math equations in the snap of your camera!

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#12 Google Glasses.

Wear them and get information on anything and everything you set your eyes on.

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#13 Jelly Cloth.

To clean places that are hard to reach.

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#14 The Drinkable Book.

This book’s pages can filter water, killing around 99% of harmful bacteria, thus providing safe drinking water, while also teaching proper sanitation and hygiene.

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