How To Take Good Selfies

With all the high-quality front cameras of mobile phones, the selfie-sticks and the mind-blowingly increasing craze for taking selfies, the only issue that remains is how to take a really good selfie with the perfect pose. Well, we are here to help out on that front; we compiled some tips and tricks that you can keep in mind before snapping your next selfie!


#1 Let’s start with the background. Make sure that no light is coming from the background. Whereas light from the front is good. Also, background should not be cluttered.

#2 Fix a pose. Hold still while clicking. Best option would be to set a self-timer and keep your arms tight.

#3 Use filters. Vintage is always a good idea! Filters masquerade blemishes and other little faults.

#4 Focus on angles. Try taking selfies from different angles and find the one that suits you best!

#5 Use props around you. Try posing differently or weirdly with them. Takes away a little focus off the faults.

#6 Make faces or try different expressions. Duck or pout or a really grave face is okay once in a while but don’t do them often. Being silly or looking weird on purpose could be used for advantage.

#7 Tilt your face. That helps highlighting the cheekbones and also makes the eyes look bigger and brighter.

#8 Don’t take pictures in low-light conditions. Find the perfect light to look livelier. Natural light is the best. Avoid very strong light.

#9 A simple tip for the ladies – lipsticks are a real life-saver. They help highlight your complexion and make the picture look more attractive.

#10 Profiles matter a lot. Find out if your left profile is better or if you look great from your right, and make sure that’s the part of your face the camera focuses on.

#11 Wear a little makeup if you can. Outline your face and highlight the beautiful features of your face.

#12 Be wary of photobombers. Try to avoid others from photobombing your selfie by checking your surroundings before snapping one.

#13 Smile. Stay relaxed and smile gently to make your selfie turn out great.

#14 Be yourself and be natural while taking a selfie.

Featured Image: Pexels

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