The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Skin Care

Taking care of the skin in the right manner has always been one of the common beauty concerns. And, instead of taking expert advice, most people usually prefer it out of the internet or listen to the flying advices without reasoning with them first. This might do some serious damage in the long run. Here is a list of advices that you might have been hearing but actually don’t benefit you in any way at all! In fact, some of these advices are quite harmful.

#1 “Oily skin doesn’t require a moisturizer.”

One has to understand how a moisturizer works in order to know that this is a very bad advice. Moisturizers improve the amount of water your skin retains which will keep your skin soft and supple. Hence, even people with oily skin must apply moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. If still worried about moisturizing, good news is many moisturizers especially for oily skin are available nowadays.

#2 “People with dark skin do not need sunscreens.”

Sunscreens are used to prevent skin damage by UV rays and not for stopping fair people from getting darker. So, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear sunscreen if your skin is dark already. You have to apply a product with SPF to protect your skin from harmful rays no matter the skin colour.

#3 “All natural products are safe for your skin.”

Nature doesn’t always produce products that we can use with blind trust. Even natural products can ruin your skin, so use only the ones that are safe and suitable for your skin.

#4 “Exfoliation is to be done on a daily basis.”

No, you shouldn’t exfoliate daily. It removes skin cells that are healthy, increases redness and irritation. Exfoliate only once or twice a week. This way you will remove only the layer of dead skin cells accumulated over that time.

#5 “Facial steam can clear skin pores.”

It actually helps open the pores, so that you can draw the dirt by putting on a face mask or exfoliate better. And steaming your face without knowing how it works can increase certain bad skin conditions. There is also the danger that steaming may stimulate oil glands aggravating the acne.

#6 “Placenta-containing beauty products can protect against ageing.”

There is not much research on these products and safety is not assured because they haven’t been tested. Due to lack of evidence to backup the anti-ageing claim and the potential problems they may cause, it’s better to go for other effective anti-ageing products without the placenta extract.

#7 “Sunbathing long enough to tan is the best way to get vitamin D.”

Actually, with this intensity of sunlight, getting skin cancer is more probable. You must limit your time in the sun because just a little exposure can get you enough vitamin D. Sunbathing for hours can reduce the levels of vitamin D in the body. Taking vitamin D supplements is a good way if you can’t get enough sunlight.

#8 “You need to buy hypoallergenic products to prevent allergies and skin irritation.”

In fact, the label ‘hypoallergenic’ is meaningless because allergies are medical conditions and the companies making these products must have a medical claim, which they don’t. These hypoallergenic products are just like many other products on sale which are tested and tried for irritation or any side-effects.

#9 “Popping a pimple will make it disappear faster.”

It actually leads to infection and scarring. The oil and acne bacteria inside the pimple spread on the face once you pop it. This can induce new pimples in that area or even cause a breakout. There’s also the risk of forcing the dirt and bacteria deeper into the skin. It’s best to leave the pimple through its life span or let the pros take care of popping!

#10 “Facial exercises reduce wrinkles.”

Instead of reducing wrinkles, facial exercises actually speed up the ageing process because of the continuous movements. It is better to avoid strong facial movements or vigorous massaging and stick to a skin care regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing to keep the skin young.

#11 “Getting sun-tanned clears acne.”

It is just a cover-up but not a treatment. Getting the tan fools one as it makes the redness caused by inflammatory reaction to the acne subside by suppressing the immune system, thus creating a severe problem in the long run. This might actually cause skin cancer because the immune system can’t function properly now and hence, can’t fight cancer cells.

#12 “Applying toothpaste on pimples helps them heal faster.”

It can make the pimples look worse instead of healing them. Although toothpaste dries out the skin which can get rid of the pimple, there is a higher chance that the skin will get irritated and cause redness and peeling. In worst case scenario, a chemical burn could develop due to application of toothpaste on the pimple.

Featured Image: Pexels

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