Thoughts every girl has had in her life – secret ones included!

Where do I even start? Do I start with how much over thinking a girl does or how imaginative a girl’s brain can get? There’s no stopping once those neurons get into their best mood.

There are so many trolls and memes already dedicated to the outstanding brain of a female and the entire creativeness they bring out of even the most regular stuff. It is just impossible to describe the inner workings of a woman’s thinking mechanism in a few words!

Well, this I know for sure that one who doesn’t possess a vagina cannot comprehend this thinking, let alone the kind of thoughts that girls pile up in their lifetime. And, be warned, it includes things that are beyond anyone’s imaginative capabilities. While on that topic, here I bring forward a little insight into this mysterious side.

Let’s get started with the despised periodic event that every girl is fully aware of yet goes nuts when it occurs even a day earlier or later than expected. And when it does show up, it is total mayhem.

When that time of the month approaches, girls are always wondering if the reason for that wet feeling in the underpants is their period…and the thoughts go on, “or no, it’s just the butt sweat. Oh, wait, maybe, it’s my pee. Because I’m sure that I am not turned on.”

When the period is late, girls start doubting every now and then; and start harboring an imaginary baby in their uterus. The scariest part is when the red monster shows up early, right when they are not expecting it and there go the cute panties they are wearing. The demon appears like “What? You really thought I was gonna let you live in peace?” And there definitely is no peace for the next few days. The period cramps, menstrual pain, fatigue, irritation, mood swings, and the list goes on. It’s not an exaggeration to say that girls’ thoughts are mostly about the menstrual cycle, although only when that time of month passes by.

And if you thought that was all, then you are definitely wrong. It’s not just the vagina and the uterus lining shedding that they worry about; their body is a major part of the thoughts as well. Not just men, even women are curious about their breasts. A common secret thought girls have is whether nipple hair is normal or not. Boob size is also a common thing females think about. This is where the unending thought process about the perfect bra arises. They ponder if it’s really necessary to shave the legs or it is just fine to go out looking like a hairy creature of the ape family. Other thoughts are regarding how they look.

Female daily life is full of random doubts. For example, if the bra is qualified enough to be put in the washing machine or not, if a dress is too much or too low key, if the hair looks good or not, whether to buy a top just because it looks good even though it’s too tight to fit into, etc. And a very mysterious question is how all the clips and rubber bands have gone missing over the years and how only a few of them are left behind every time! I tell you, it’s a million dollar question.

Small things matter a lot to girls than one can think. Their day just brightens up when a dress they are wearing has pockets. One of the secret reasons girls prefer to wear jeans is because of the pockets. Oh, and if they are wearing a dress made of thin fabric or one showing lot of skin or a see-through dress, all the insecurities just pop up in their minds, even though they look confident on the outside. Each thought is like a small pebble tossed into a lake; small ripples soon turn into huge waves. Girls just have a lot on their mind.

Moving on to the secret thoughts that girls are not even willing to share with their girl friends, a very intriguing subject indeed – it is their curiosity about the opposite gender. One thing girls think about often before baring it all in front of their partner is how it feels when someone of opposite sex sees them naked. Interesting, eh? Here is an answer to an ever suspicious question. Girls also have intriguing thoughts about sex before losing their virginity. Come on, that’s like so obvious!

Just like how guys are curious about lady parts, girls are very much willing to know how it feels like to have a thing hanging around from the crotch all the time. They wonder if it’s too much of a worry or if it doesn’t feel anything at all? And, they even think about what would be the first thing they would like to try, if they had it themselves. It sometimes hits their brain waves.

As for what has been shared till now, girls can totally relate to this while the boys did get a little sneak-peak into the pandemonium mind of the female counterparts of their species. Isn’t it amazing how both the sexes interact with each other while having different perspectives on same things because of who they are?

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