Is your cold not going away? These home remedies might just work for you!

When winter comes around, there’s no closing door on common cold. As the term suggests, it is as common as possible. But, the good news is you don’t have to waste much time or money buying cold medicine every now and then. Common cold can be very easily cured with home remedies.

But, before moving on to the curing of common cold, you must know what it is. It is an infection of the upper respiratory tract caused by viral infection (rhinovirus) which affects the nose, throat and sinuses. It can also lead to headache, cough, sneezing and fever. The disease is transmitted by direct exposure, coming in contact with nasal secretions or contaminated objects. Not only that, but even weather conditions such as winter or rainy season might cause the infection. There are no prevention methods for common cold but there are precautions you can take. Keeping your hands clean, staying away from people who are already infected, not exposing your body to extreme weather etc., will help avoid getting cold.

The common cold doesn’t keep its symptoms secretive. Running nose, blocked nose, sore throat, frequent cough, mildly high body temperatures, sneezing, minor headaches, and mild body-aches – these are all the symptoms of common cold. Though, the symptoms start developing within two days of exposure to the virus, the cold might last up to seven to ten days. You need to visit a doctor when the fever is persistent, the headaches are severe and frequent, the cough is continuous, and there is pain in the ears. You can deal with common cold with the following home remedies too.

    1. Garlic possesses antiviral properties. Boiling 4-5 garlic cloves and drinking the water with a teaspoon of honey at least three times a day can be very helpful.
    2. Warm lemon water and a few spoons of honey helps get rid of the sore throat. Even just a spoonful of raw honey can also be useful if you are allergic to lemon juice.
    3. For the meat lovers out there, this might be a favourite remedy. Chicken soup has antioxidant properties which fastens the healing process. Having some can drive away your cold.
    4. Turmeric has miraculous benefits for the body and its ailments. Drinking warm milk with a tablespoon of raw turmeric powder is a very effective cure for common cold.
    5. Pepper helps in thinning the mucus. So sprinkling a little pepper powder on the food or gargling with pepper powder can also be beneficial. If you can’t handle ingesting pepper, smelling it can be effective as well.
    6. Cinnamon fights common cold like a boss and gets rid of sore throat easily. Steeping cinnamon powder and two to three cloves in boiled water and drinking the strained warm water can be really excellent for fighting cold. The results are enhanced if you mix honey in it.
    7. Mullein tea is made exactly like other teas. It has expectorant properties which helps curing the common cold. Adding a little honey to it is extra beneficial as always.
    8. Tulsi leaves have medicinal properties. Drinking a juice made by mixing ginger, crushed tulsi leaves and obviously honey in water helps you get rid of the cold.
    9. Who knew brandy could be a cure? The distilled wine with a spoon of honey is great for cough.

Now that you know the cure is within your reach, fighting common cold is just a matter of few hours. With lemon, honey and ginger, it’s not difficult to bid farewell to common cold. Without taking any of those bitter medicines, you can do away with this common infection with ease and taste.

Featured Image: Pexels

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