What are Lifestyle Diseases? Why you should take them seriously?

With all the progress and advancement in technology, life has become very easy. Ironically, we are busy getting accustomed to the haphazard lifestyle and various harmful habits. It seems like we’re sidetracking and getting our priorities wrong. We are forgetting how integral our physical health is to our overall well being. But what are scarier are the deadly diseases that accompany this ignorance, called the lifestyle diseases.

Lifestyle diseases, as the name clearly suggests, are a result of the lifestyle of an individual.  The choices we make regarding life and the lifestyle we adopt influence our body to a far greater extent than can be imagined. The lifestyle factors which influence the health include the hours of sleep, food intake, drug intake, habits like smoking or heavy drinking, how much physical activity one does and so on.

The causes of the diseases are pretty obvious. Irregularity in diet, unbalanced diet and one’s lifestyle. Consuming too much alcohol and smoking a lot of cigarettes can lead to lifestyle diseases. Intake of too many dairy products, too much vegetable oil and alcoholic beverages can lead to obesity and various types of diseases. But to assume that only diet affects the health is wrong; the factors could be external too. Work pressure, unemployment, stress, insecure life, household troubles etc. can instigate unhealthy bodily conditions as well.

The kinds of diseases that are usually born of lifestyle are asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, obesity, dental caries, etc. High calorie intake and smoking can lead to heart diseases. Stress and overuse of salts cause high blood pressure. Skin cancer is caused due to extreme exposure to the sun. Heavy alcohol consumption causes dysfunction of the liver.

The changing age structure, urbanization, and the sedentary lifestyle have caused a phenomenal rise in these non-communicable diseases. The people of lower socio-economic class are the major sufferers of this unfortunate consequence. At least one member of every family suffers from diabetes mellitus which is mostly caused due to obesity. Cancer is a fatal disease and of course, not to mention, it is influenced by factors like smoking, long-term medications, exposure to UV radiation for a long time and such. One woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes in India. Taking all these circumstances into consideration, we must take proper measures to deal with these diseases and put sincere efforts to avoid them.

The silver lining is that there are very simple ways to avoid lifestyle diseases. One of the easiest ways is taking a brisk walk every day. It increases blood circulation and increases physical balance. Avoid fast foods and stop eating continuously as these result in fat accumulation. And what might just be a lifesaver is getting medical checkups done at regular intervals. Also, this might sound too mainstream but yoga is a great stress reliever and helps to maintain good health.

No matter how hectic life is, we should keep in mind that good physical and mental health are of higher priority. Whatever the schedule might be, exercising and regular checkups are a must entry on the to-do list. Healthy food and eating at proper times can keep those diseases away from you. If a little bit of effort can let you live longer, why risk the only life you have got for some extra bucks? After all, what can be more important than your life?

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