Movies That Taught Us Important Lessons

There are so many movies that give out valuable lessons on life. In fact, there is something or other to learn from every movie out there. So next time someone says to not waste time on movies, tell them you are learning and not wasting time!

Want some suggestions? Here is a list of some inspirational movies that are a must watch!

#1 Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

The comedy-drama movie, Mrs. Doubtfire, is about a divorced actor who has to disguise himself as an ageing female housekeeper to spend more time with his children. This is a story about how a dad goes to lengths to interact with his children and how one is supposed to speak one’s own mind.

This movie teaches us the importance of family in our life. The movie also imparts very basic life lessons such as not to let anger sway you away and how being two-faced can be a deadly thing.

#2 The King’s Speech (2010)

King George VI had issues with his speech. He always stuttered while speaking but did exactly what he had to do to overcome it. This movie shows how the king befriends his speech therapist despite the class differences and how the therapist helps him prevail over his stammering issue that prohibited him from delivering his role as an able king during the time of war.

This movie is an inspiration as to how we can overcome our shortcomings if we have the will and determination. And it also teaches that friendships are not barred by discriminating factors like class and race.

#3 The Secret (2006)

It is an inspirational film, more like a documentary, dedicated to a self-help process to achieve what one desires. This movie focuses on revealing a secret that had been hidden and buried since time immemorial. It revolves around directing methods to achieve what one wants to be and needs to be by creating the energy to achieve it. This is a must watch.

This movie makes us realize that we get attract things we desire and if we wished for it truly, we could reach wherever we want to. The main focus is positivity which we all need!

#4 Brave (2012)

This fantasy/adventure movie portrays what bravery means in the true sense of the term. When a free-spirited girl who breaks the ground rules tries a shady way to change her mother’s mind about her marriage, a curse follows her and she embarks on a journey to revert it. Well, that is where she learns how much courage it requires to fight the odds with bravery. This independent, rebellious girl sets an example for all of us.

The movie shows us the unfathomable love between a mother and her daughter. The name of the movie itself is a lesson. It also teaches humility and how much courage it requires to accept one’s faults and to make amends.

#5 The Bucket List (2007)

Two old men suffering from fatal illnesses decide to embark on a journey to fulfill all the things they had wished to do but were never able to even begin. Both of them become best friends in the process. Who would have imagined one could learn the most important life lessons just a few days before death?

This comedy-drama teaches us how to live life to the fullest and to never give up on the people we love.

#6 The Lion King (1994)

The awesomeness of this movie cannot be stressed enough. The movie centralizes around the key factors that make our life what it is – love, courage and valor. If you haven’t watched this epic drama yet, you have to ASAP. One cannot get enough of this movie.

HakunaMatata! which means “no worries for the rest of your days” is quite something we have to learn from this movie. This movie teaches us that life and death go hand in hand, not everyone is trustworthy and life can sometimes be unfair. But despite all that, one has to find happiness!

#7 The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The story is no mainstream drama with something like a life-changing roller coaster ride or a mind-blowing adventure. It is based on a real life story and is depicted in a very realistic way. It is based on the strong bond that a father and son share. A broke dad who has the custody of his son fights his way through the rough life to provide the kid with a good life and future. He proves that just because the start is bad, the ending doesn’t necessarily have to be so.

The story teaches us important lessons of life such as perseverance, strength, self-confidence and the will to never give up against the odds.

#8 Yes Man! (2008)

Basically a rom-com, but the concept of the movie is pretty unique. With Jim Carrey starring in the movie, the comic timing is on point. Besides making us laugh our guts out, the movie doesn’t fail to imbibe in us a sense of positivity, that anything can be achieved if we believe in it. Also, it shows how little things that we ignore could lead to disastrous consequences.

The story is based on the fact that positive attitude leads to positive consequences. We are supposed to keep our minds open for new opportunities that come along the way but also have to consider the consequences sometimes.

#9 The Giver (2014)

This fantasy-drama is inspired by the best-selling novel by Lois Lowry. A boy who is chosen as the ‘Receiver of Memory’ takes all of the community’s memories from ‘The Giver’ and embarks on a journey that no one has ever completed successfully.

The movie is based on the sole concept of how a world debars itself from all kinds of human emotions so that the people never have to feel pain. They also never get to enjoy the fruit of the happiness and the little joys that life brings. This way the movie shows the importance of emotions and happiness.

#10 Up (2009)

The beautiful way in which this fantasy-drama movie depicts the everlasting love of an old man for his late wife is heart-touching. The man starts off on an adventurous journey in search of Paradise Falls, his wife’s dream destination. He accidentally takes a little kid with him who serves as his right hand throughout the journey.

The movie shows how simple and generous love can be and how a dream can be achieved if we set our mind on it.

Watching movies is a nice way to pass some time. And if the movies also portray few life-lessons and give some inspiration, they’ll definitely be well worth watching!

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