Tips To Make Strangers Like You Right Away

Who doesn’t want to leave a good impression when they meet new people? Each one of us secretly craves the attention and fondness of others. But, sometimes, we just go way out of our comfort zone and cross the line to make this happen. And, that’s when we end up doing the exact opposite and embarrassing ourselves. But this doesn’t have to happen if you know few of these easy tricks. Here are some friendly tips to get strangers to like you instantly.

#1 Call them by their names often. This establishes a sense of connection and you can remember their names better this way.

#2 Smile. That’s the way to everyone’s heart.

#3 Listen to them. Let them talk about themselves. And pay close attention while they do.

#4 Ask them questions about the things they say but don’t ask discomforting questions or interrupt them.

#5 Free your hand movement. Try gesticulating while talking.

#6 Do not make judgmental comments. Be considerate and positive.

#7 Compliment the good things you notice about them. But avoid insincere flattery.

#8 Let them stay in their comfort zone. Do not get too personal.

#9 Everyone appreciates good humor. Make them laugh but don’t act like a fool.

#10 Look at them during the conversation. Making eye contact really achieves a lot.

#11 Make a forward lean while talking. Body language does matter.

#12 Last but not the least, be honest and be yourself. Do not resort to lies just to make them like you.

Well, now we know that these little things which are usually ignored are what make the first impression last long! Try these when you meet strangers next time. You might make some new friends!

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