Most Popular YouTube Videos Of 2016

YouTube – this is a whole other world where people are sharing their good and bad moments, best and worst performances and a lot of other things. But, some of them just so happen to gain enough attention and popularity to be widely known or appear on the most viewed list. Let’s check out some of this year’s most popular videos on YouTube.

#1 Adele’s Carpool Karaoke.

This video of Adele singing one of her all-time hits “Hello” on the late night talk show with James Corden is just a show-stealer. Uploaded by “The Late Late Show With James Corden”, this video garnered over 141 million views. Look at how much fun and amazing, Adele is in this video. No wonder it was so popular!

#2 PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen)

Uploaded by PIKOTARO, this crazy video went viral and gained over 100 million views in a very short period of time. And the many other re-uploads and parodies also received so much attention and views as well! The song basically revolves around three words. Pen, pineapple, apple. And for some reason, people have really enjoyed watching the video over and over again. The single managed to reach number 1 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 Chart. And the video has some really good dance moves in it (that are also weird at the same time).

#3 Rattlesnake’s Rattle.

Uploaded by “What’s Inside?” this video has over 61 million views. The video depicts a duo of dad and son conducting an experiment on the rattle of rattlesnake to know why it makes the sound it does. (Fun fact – these snakes can rattle up to 50 times in a second). To see what they found out, check out the video.

#4 Grace VanderWaal’s performance.

This was uploaded by “America’s Got Talent” and viewed over 48 million times. This video featuring an exceptional talent on the stage of America’s Got Talent became a big hit. The 12 year old contestant left everyone speechless by performing a song with her ukulele. A very confident little girl comes up and gets a golden buzzer with her first performance, and why wouldn’t anyone love to watch it?

#5 The Switch ft. Christiano Ronaldo.

This video is a really short film where we can see Cristiano Ronaldo switching bodies with a fan boy. What happens then is a must watch and we will leave it for you to find out. The young boy featured in the film is Gerson Adua and this seems to be a nice start for him. Uploaded by “Nike Football”, this was watched over 58 million times.

#6 Water Bottle Flip Edition.

Uploaded by Dude Perfect and with over 45 million views, this video actually celebrates a very perfection-oriented art of bottle-flipping, a number of times and in adverse situations. This is a delightful video to watch, with the guys playing around with bottles and having fun doing so. Starting from barrels to the small ones, they leave no bottle unturned.

#7 The $21,000 First Class Airplane seat.

This video, uploaded by CaseyNiestat, takes the viewers on a journey in the first class of an airplane. Casey shows us in the perfect manner how and why there’s such hype about the extravagant prices of the first class plane tickets. If you have been a dreamer about flying in one of those fancy ways, this is a must watch. This was viewed over 28 million times.

#8 Brothers convince little sister of zombie apocalypse.

Siblings always play pranks on each other all the time but this is one epic show of innocence and foolery. This video uploaded by CBSN is a perfect combination of a crazy theory about zombie apocalypse and smart brothers fooling their little sister into believing it. This video is so funny and amusing that Ellen DeGeneres had these siblings on her show after watching their video.

#9 Hymn For The Weekend.

Most of you must have already heard this pop rock and R&B song at least once. The music video uploaded by Coldplay Official has over 634 million views. Coldplay, which is a British rock band, won all our hearts with this beautiful video. The video also features Beyonce and Indian actress Sonam Kapoor. The videography is mesmerizing, unique and very well in sync with the song.

#10 Cheap Thrills.

With a view count of over 700 million and uploaded by SiaVEVO, this lyric video has garnered a lot of popularity than the performance one. Cheap Thrills has certainly proved to be the national anthem of this year with numerous covers and performance videos uploaded to YouTube. And this video which is set in the black and white era just gives it the best effect it needs.

#11   This Is What You Came For.

This music video of the catchy song by Calvin Harris became quite the smash hit this year. It has reached 1 billion views already, and has joined the exclusive billionaires club on YouTube! This video which features Rihanna in an open cube has a variety of laser effects and projections. Uploaded by CalvinHarrisVEVO, this video has some charm which makes you return to play it again and again. And of course, this is what we came for!

There were many other videos, including music videos and movie trailers that amassed a lot of YouTube views and also our love this year. These are our picks based on the popularity. Which is your favourite video among the videos posted to YouTube this year? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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