Everyday Habits That’ll Make You Age Faster

With every passing day, we are ageing. As the days go by, cells are damaged, regenerated and destroyed. This wears them out which leads to ageing and causes old age. But, there are some very casual practices that act as the catalyst in the process. These habits are so regular and go unnoticed that it’s hard to distinguish between the good ones and the bad ones. Here’s a list of those everyday activities that might just inhibit you from staying young.

#1   Sleep deprivation has to top the list. You need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep and anything less than that just makes you age faster.

#2   Shunning all kinds of fat from your diet is bad. Including it helps keep the skin supple and soft. Too much or too less of anything is not good. You need to have a balanced diet.

#3   Using a straw to drink beverages creates wrinkles in the area around your lips and eyes.

#4   Sleeping on your stomach creates wrinkles on the part of the face skin that is against the pillow. Use a satin pillowcase if you are sleeping in that position.

#5   Watching TV for so many hours cuts short your lifespan by years, studies say. Avoid spending too much time in front of the TV.

#6   Multi-tasking is no life-saver, it mounts up stress and thus, leads to early-ageing.

#7   Have a sweet tooth? Lots of desserts reduce body radiance, tone and create dark circles around the eyes.

#8   Just being glued to one place all day long increases the chance of kidney and cardiovascular diseases. Move around a bit.

#9   Not taking proper care make eyes wrinkle-prone and loosens the skin around it. You can avoid this by using eye-creams or placing used green tea bags over the eyes.

#10   Make-up is fine but too much of it can cause the skin to get “clogged”, dry and unhealthy.

#11   Listening to high decibels of music for prolonged time creates hearing impairment, gradually.

#12   Barring yourself from a healthy social life leads to depression, heart diseases and obesity. This will make you older than you actually are.

#13   Having a really dull sex-life increases stress, weakens immune system and makes one feel really old. Enjoy your sex life to feel and stay young.

#14   Smoking cigarettes and pot has a lot of potential health risks including reducing of the lifespan.

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