Crazy Crash Diets That Actually Work

People are under a constant pressure to either choose between leading a healthy life style and carrying on with their hectic work schedule. And there is also the stress to avoid weight gain and to shed the extra pounds. Lots of weight loss techniques are out there but some take up too much time and some don’t work; and exercising is a tough task because of the tight daily schedule.

So, here comes the trend of crash diets. You must have heard of this method of losing weight quickly. We compiled a list of few of these diets which are believed to be the most effective way to lose weight without sparing much time.

#1   4-Day Diet.

Let’s start with this interesting one. This diet plan introduced by Dr. Ian Smith involves a variety of meal courses that can be adopted from among the different segments. That way the body is kept off the same routine foods and doesn’t make it boring at all.

 The actual period is, in fact, 28 days which is broken into 4-day segments. The dieter is given a specific diet chart. They can choose what they want to eat from among those dishes given in the chart under each segment of the crash diet plan. This allows a change in the course in every four days and spares you the boredom.

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#2   The Chicken Soup Diet.

This was devised for those who are fond of non-vegetarian foods, especially winged birds like chicken. There is enough protein and nutrition in the bird that can supplement one for carrying on for the whole day.

In this seven-day diet plan, one can choose their breakfast course from a handful of dishes and have chicken soup for the rest of the day. They can have as much as they wish but nothing more. We can take a guess that this might make one hate chicken soup after the crash diet is completed!

#3   The Clean Program.

Followed by a lot of popular celebrities, this is basically a 21-day diet and detox program. This was devised by Dr. Junger.

 According to this diet, the breakfast and dinner are replaced with something light, like fluid diets and the lunch is nutritious solid food. This hits the root cause of one’s bad health i.e. toxins. Plus, the body requires nourishment and the balanced food to maintain the nutrition, which is supplied by this diet plan.

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#4   Juice Fast Diet.

As the name suggests, this is an all-juice diet. It was inspired from the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. This is pretty much fancy and a common one, followed by a lot of women.

It plans on making the dieter survive only on juice and nothing else for 60 days. This actually showed results. The subject felt rejuvenated and healthier. The weight loss was phenomenal. This could benefit all those easy-goers who love fruits and are willing to lose weight with minimal efforts. With fruits being the only nutritional source, roughage element is pretty high.

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#5   Kellogg’s Special K Diet.

Slow but effective, the company claims that you can lose 6 pounds in two weeks if you follow their diet plan.

 Two of the regular meals in a day are replaced by Kellogg’s Special K product or their snacks. The dieter is allowed some fruits and vegetables as well, along with a healthy third meal. Exercising might just add to the weight-loss programme.

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#6   Master Cleanse

Adopted by a lot of celebrities, this diet plan has been proved really effective in losing weight. This is really simple and can be adopted by those who cannot devote enough time to their fitness.

 This is a modified juice fast and the dieters have to drink a juice made with lemon juice, cayenne pepper and honey (or maple syrup). This also detoxifies the body and the dieter loses weight rapidly without much effort. The programme includes liquid diet and the dieter has to drink lots of Master Cleanse lemonade mixture.

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#7   Sacred Heart Diet

This one is for the cabbage-lovers. If you’re all set to eating and drinking lots of cabbage, this is the right one for you. This diet was planned by the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital to make their patients lose weight before surgery.

For a period of seven days, one lives off cabbage soup and a specified variety of nutritional dishes. Not only does the soup consist of cabbage but also chicken noodles, beef, onions and tomatoes, celery and green pepper. The soup remains a constant in the diet course everyday while fruits, vegetables and other foods vary.

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#8   Grapefruit Diet

This is perfect for people who want to lose lots of weight without having to work hard for it. Grapefruits are rich in fat-burning enzymes and do all the fat burning work by themselves.

This plan involves eating half a grapefruit prior to each meal. No food restrictions and no rigorous exercise is needed. It has been reported that people have lost 12 pounds in 10 days by following this diet plan. Drinking grapefruit juice along with the meals also proved to be helpful.

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#9   The Xtreme fat-loss diet

This plan is supposed to be really beneficial and has reported a weight loss of about 25 pounds in 25 days. This diet results in a drastic weight loss if followed properly.

This involves the amalgamation of specific exercises with specific foods and that enhances the weight loss mechanism, burning fats at a faster rate. Not only does this just burn fat, but also improves metabolism and muscle-strength. The exercises are meant to be combined rightly with their food counterparts otherwise it could show reverse effects.

#10   Suzanne Somers Diet

Suzanne, who has been in the fitness scenario for a really long time, knows it’s useless to keep oneself hungry in order to lose weight. This plan doesn’t put restrictions on food items or the number of times you eat.

It simply follows a healthy combination of food nutrition. Sugar, starches and alcohol are to be completely eliminated, fruits must be eaten on an empty stomach, and a vegetable is a must if the meal contains fat and proteins. A right fusion of the food nutrients can add up to reduce the fat absorption by the body.

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#11   Military Diet

This very popular 3-day diet programme promises rapid weight loss without any strenuous exercise. One can go back to regular, healthy and low calorie diet after following this plan for 3 days.

This diet plan kick starts the dieter’s metabolism unlike other diets which slow it down. The compatible combination of foods starts the weight loss process very quickly. It is believed that one can lose 10 pounds by following this plan strictly.

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Which one do you think was the craziest?

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