How To Suppress Anger Before It Takes Control Of You

Anger brings nothing but negativity and havoc for you as well as for those around you. Perhaps, one might think it’s not under their control but it is. There are just a few things that you need to direct your attention towards in order to tame that beast inside.

#1 Acceptance of your temper is the first big step.

#2 Seal your lips and take a timeout.

#3 Meditation and yoga always help.

#4 Be clichéd. Count till 10 before blurting it all out.

#5 Bring out the optimist in you. Look at things in a different way.

#6 Think it through. If it doesn’t make sense, then forget the useless stuff.

#7 Remember that you will be responsible for your actions.

#8 Don’t cloud yourself with hatred towards anyone else.

#9 Imagine that you are breathing in colors, visualize. This calms you down and flattens the wave of anger.

#10 Confront, but with positive words. Take it out of your system but don’t put it in someone else’s.

#11 Make yourself open to change of beliefs. Ask yourself why someone did what they did. Then try to contemplate it.

#12 Don’t forget the good within you. Feel your own worth.

So, always carry a bottle of water with you and bear these tips in your mind. They might just be the best solution to your unpredictable wave of rage.

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