Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work

Heard of liposuctions and expensive fat-loss treatments and sauna belts? Well, forget all that because there are far easier ways to reduce weight and get rid of those tires around your belly. These might seem a little strange but trust me, nothing can be as cost-effective and simple as these. So, let’s get on with this list of tricks to lose some weight without having to get too serious!

#1 Sniffing a banana or an apple might come off as weird but the more you sniff, the less hungry you will be and hence avoid those extra calories.

#2 Tying a ribbon around your waist when you go out for dinners might put a check on food consumption as it gets tighter.

#3 Looking at yourself in a mirror might reflect on your goals of wanting to get fit.

#4 Prefer wrapped candies so that your laziness to unwrap them might help you avoid at least some of that added sugar.

#5 Lighting a vanilla-scented candle during dinner helps reduce dessert cravings.

#6 The color blue is considered as an appetite suppressant, so color it all blue!

#7 Sitting at the end of the table doesn’t let you get to the dishes often and that reduces overeating.

#8 People who eat a heavy breakfast rather than a heavy dinner are more likely to lose weight. Take care to keep your calorie intake normal throughout the day.

#9 Eating in white or green plates is supposed to enhance your appetite. Choose red or blue instead.

#10 Chew your food properly and be as slow as possible. This reduces the zeal to eat more; eventually you get bored. This also helps to digest food well.

#11 Eating in dark can also prove helpful since the craving is lost.

#12 Even if you’re not a spice-lover, make the food as spicy as it can get and that way, you’ll eat less. And spices also help to burn fat.

#13 Eating with your less-favored hand keeps you from eating mindlessly.

So, isn’t this all we ever wanted? – To get into perfect shape without having to move much. Have a little self-control and try these at your home. But remember to avoid these if you have any health conditions. 

Losing all those extra pounds is just a few days away!

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