Habits You Must Leave Behind To Be Successful

Ever wonder why you are struggling so much? Why does it feel like the world is conspiring against you instead of the contrary? Perhaps you have attributed these things to “fate” or maybe “luck”. I would say it maybe that or it may be some of these habits that you have fed and turned into an unrelenting gigantic monster! Have a look –

#1 Your ego is not a close pal of yours. It’s the opposite.

#2 Laziness is a big boulder just weighing you down.

#3 Your unruly company might be a problem. *Might.

#4 Time is a frenemy. Have some respect.

#5 Being undoubtedly safe is not good. Take some risks.

#6 Work harder. If you aren’t successful yet, you might be lacking in that department.

#7 Stop being unhealthy. First appearances do matter.

#8 Don’t just mess around. Have a schedule.

#9 Don’t procrastinate. It never helps.

#10 Snootiness is unnecessary. Learn to be humble.

#11 Stop underestimating yourself. It’s a major flaw.

#12 Don’t be overconfident. Even if life is treating you too well.

#13 Loose that pessimistic attitude.

#14 Don’t obsess. Bad things happen, try and get over them.

#15 Shun the negativity from your life.

#16 Don’t be a loner. Have people you can count on.

#17 Believe – In yourself and your ability to be successful.

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