Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Celebrity Deaths

Here is a compilation of some insane conspiracy theories about deaths of some famous celebrities.

#1 Paul Walker

All of us know that his unfortunate death was caused when his friend lost control over the car but a theory suggests that while Paul was making relentless efforts to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, he had discovered some secrets regarding the relief funds, possibly, about some black money scandal and someone might have just failed their brakes before they let the whole world know about it.

#2 Bob Marley

It is pretty much clear from the news reports that the CIA wanted Marley dead. But, the theory goes something like this. Before a concert, he was delivered with a pair of shoes as gift from the son of former CIA director. A wire was seen hanging from the sole, which doctors think contained carcinogenic toxin which induced cancer in the same toe.

#3 Amy Winehouse

Amy was struggling with her drug addiction problems. She also told her assistant that she might die young. The theory says that long before her death, a sculpture of her lifeless body was made in the exact way that she died three years later. So, this is being assumed as some act of occult.

#4 Whitney Houston

This bizarre theory will keep you wondering what’s wrong with everyone. It is believed that Whitney was a goddess to the Illuminati and her death was a sacrifice for Blue Ivy (Beyonce’s daughter) to be born safely, who was considered to be the offspring of the Illuminati. Since Whitney was broke then, she was considered to be a perfect candidate to make the sacrifice.

#5 Michael Jackson

Jackson was found in his mansion, unconscious. He wasn’t able to breathe and everything was done to bring his life back but in vain. His death is supposed to be caused due to overdose of prescription pills but the theory says he might have faked his death to save himself from bankruptcy.

#6 Heath Ledger

What an exceptional role he played as The Joker! But, well, he locked himself in a room for a month to get into the skin of the character, and theories say that the role was so powerful that, it might have caused him depression and that just paved the way to the death of such an iconic actor.

#7 Bruce Lee

His death was surrounded by mystery from the beginning even though the doctors claimed that he died due to fatal allergic conditions. But, the conspiracy theory is that he was killed by The Mafias or other professional martial artists as revenge for disclosing their secrets on the big screen.

#8 Princess Diana

The theory says that she might have been carrying the child of her then boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and to save themselves from all the criticism, the Royal Family, planned on fateful murder of the lady. Theories also claim that her driver was a heavy drinker and he just lost control of the vehicle.

#9 Marilyn Monroe

The iconic diva’s death created a massive hotchpotch worldwide. Though it has not yet been finalized as to how she died, it is widely considered a suicide. However, the theories say that she might have been murdered by the mafia for having scandalous affair with the then President J.F. Kennedy.

#10 Brittany Murphy

Though she died of pneumonia, her father happens to think that her husband, Simon Monjack (who died of similar causes five months later), was responsible for her untimely death. Even the doctors claim that, he was a narcissistic sociopath and had he not been in her life, she might have lived longer. Another theory is that both Brittany and Simon were poisoned.

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